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Minecraft: Horse Racing Simulator Arcade Game! [Mini Game]

Mumbo Jumbo
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Today I show you this fun little contraption that allows you to have random outcome horse races with your mates! Or.. if you don’t have any mates, it is sorta fun on your own.

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Intro: ProleteR – Can’t Stop Me
outro: ProleteR – April Showers

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  1. It's not a two bit,but two state randomizer. 😀

  2. is there a way to flip a lever and see them all shoot back up the rails for reset?

  3. What if I don't know how to make this? 😥

  4. i've been wondering, why does the redstone dust an exactly straight line

  5. when he said he had a problem getting friends i thought i would hear "HELLO MY NAME IS GRIAN"

  6. *spits out stereotyped tea* WaIT, YOU'RE BRITISH?!?!

  7. Not every1 is pro redstoner!! ALWAYS make an tutorial!

  8. Mines not working do u put something in the hoppers?

  9. Is there a size limit for extending the track?

  10. Am I the only one who wants a tutorial?????

  11. Wait… mumbo jumbo is English?? I thought he was American… That’s one famous YouTube from my home country!!

  12. Who else hates when youtubers say they have no friends, its like bro there are millions of people who would love to be your friend.

  13. Holy crap wow! Is that really how that thing that you just described works? That's ok I didn't wanna know how I'm cool just being an idiot… But I feel like on a Minecraft tutorial based channel I should be learn how to do Minecraft… Maybe not…. Maybe you're just too much of a god and I should stop watching

  14. cough cough harry potter houses cough cough

  15. Do Do de da do do da da dun, Do Do de da do do da da den!

  16. Omg mumdo is that in Crawleys Hollywood bowl

  17. I saw you build this one with an automatic reset in a Hermitcraft a couple of days ago I believe…

    I'm struggling with doing that reset and I would like to know if you could do a tutorial on it?

    Also, on Dutch fairs and in some amusement parks here we have a similar game only you have to roll a ball into different holes to make the horse go 1, 2 or 3 steps… Do you think something like that would be possible to build in minecraft?

    It's something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2D__2rg5F8 (turn your audio off…)

  18. What goes in the dispensers? Sorry if its an obvious answer, but I don't redstone very well

  19. I have no idea how to do it don't tell you what to put where

  20. Do I have to put items inside the dispenser/hopper ?

  21. Why can’t we get the “ello ev’ryone this is mumbo here and welcome back to another minecraft video!” Combined with the old intro song, I recon there are less than 20 videos like that (this one sadly not one of them ;c )

  22. now i know i am a little late to the video, but now in hermitcraft season 7 (and 6) you have grain. ; )

  23. How to make a simple game in minecraft
    1.Invite your friend to your world
    2.Type in chat "Let's play tag"
    3.You're done

  24. How to make a simple game in minecraft
    1.Invite your friend to your world
    2.Type in chat "Let's play tag"
    3.You're done

  25. Can i ask you something why its not working

  26. To make it more realistic put horses in the minecarts

  27. I know a ton of redstone I know how to build that it’s simple

  28. When I realized that this build needs hopper and dropper
    Me: ):

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