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Minecraft How to Build a Football/Soccer Mini Game

FrownCow Shorts
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Building a fun football/soccer mini game in Minecraft! You can play this solo or with friends!!

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  1. how do you guys record like that? like when building it shows you buidling how do you do that?

  2. А баскетбольную площадку можешь?

  3. For anyone wondering the length of it is:15×10 blocks (15 blocks vertically and 10 blocks horizontally)

  4. Hey bro can you make minecraft football that we can play with leg.pls

  5. Thank you for saying soccer, these dang Europeans are messing up with their “football”

  6. How much blocks around because I don’t know

  7. This should be in the next world cup

  8. “Fun”
    Bruh you throw it at a goal and don’t use the field and once you have it it can’t be taken

  9. World Cup starts in 2 days and it might be Messi’s last 😞

  10. Mate you did it wrong I need to keep the line in the goal for the ball to cross otherwise how u gonna know if it crosses the line or not

  11. Not disappointed at the build Just At when he Said SOCCER

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