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Minecraft: MARIO KART Mini Game | #shorts

Lomby Shorts
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Hey! In this #shorts video, i will show you how to build a super cool mario kart mini game in Minecraft!

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  1. "Step one: Build the basic course"
    Me: BASIC?!?!?

  2. Mario: ugh this look nothing like my game
    After 10 second Mario: wowowowowwowowowow howww

  3. Omg this is" so cool build games"🤩🌌 I like the build games later I will make them in my minecraft world, thank you for the tutorial😇👍

  4. U can use pressure plates and command blocks for different items

  5. Hmm yes lava next to ice

    Great content tho:)

  6. How do you make those lomby How!!!!!!!!!???????!!??!?!?

  7. It's nice I have lot of fun ☺️ I was bore when I try these I have lotssss of fun ♥️♥️♥️

  8. What if ur friends has like 100 lvls and falls in the lava -_-

  9. Everyone else admiring the build


  10. Instead of that music tokyo drift music was better :))

  11. Can you please post this on your main channel and make it a long video cuz I want to build this but it’s to fast

  12. Need your Support Guys 🙏🙏
    I Regular Upload Shader & Texture Pack Mcpe

  13. I made a race track on my smp with 20 second long drifts, jumps, water elevators, jumps through loops. It was EPIC! I held a tournament and first place winner got a netberite block

  14. How do u say mario do u say MaR-i-O or Ma-Ri-O

  15. Me: so good

    The other me: better if you use a command blocks to make a car that move

    The other other me : a bigger arena is better

    Past me : it is so very good

  16. This is nothing like Mariokart.
    Mariokart has items, ramps, and others this doesn’t

  17. Dont make the lava obstacle it will melt the ice

  18. I see your some videos and im subscribed

  19. What is your shader name plsss tell me

  20. “ step one build a basic course“

    Me- :builds wii rainbow Road

  21. I was lost when he started placing lava next to the ice and broke the nature rules

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