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Minecraft Mini Game: Conway’s Game of Life

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Conway’s game of life in minecraft! Create your own cell structures and see how they move on to the next generations.

– Use the pressure plates to toggle the state of a cell.
– Flick the lever once to start the generation clock.
– Flick the lever twice to go one generation further.

Song: Glimpse of Winter – By – Approaching Nirvana

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  1. that is amzing, no one else has made anything like it. i love the computer game of life already. i mean the actual thing this is based off

  2. He probably did use mc edit. That does not in anyway affect the epicness of this, because he had to design the cell, so i have no clue where JOSMATSAM was going with his comment.

  3. how do you remove layers of the creation while going around it?
    plz tell

  4. what if instead of 1000 cells, we made OVER 9000!!!!!

  5. He records the same movement twice one with the layers and one without and then fades from with layers into without

  6. so people that are good at redstone can see the different layers and what he (or them because they are 2) did there.

  7. Honestly, if you have to spend a lot of time figuring out how to make it tileable is poor planning. Broken down, a GoL cell isn't actually too difficult to make.

  8. no he mean he used mc edit at the multiplication

    if it's 9×9,3×3,2×100

  9. This is based off of Conway's Game Of Life. Imagine each of these squares being a bit. Nowadays, we can hook this up to a Terabyte storage, giving us 8,000,000,000 cells. Top that.

  10. Lol, I bet this came from computerphile 😛

  11. OMG. I think I found my next project – I just have to see just how much I can shrink the design.
    Nice showcase, as always.

  12. Ah, game of life, my first introduction to adaptive systems. It always leaves me mesmerized viewing the complex collective behavior of many entities controlled with simple rules. Very cool idea to implement it in Minecraft!

  13. i dunno it did deserve to live i checked with my client of golly ( which you can use these rules and create fricking immense systems and i am kinda starting to understand how the ruling works) and after about 5000 generations it's still alive (the generations can go faster in golly) yet this is very cool to see in minecraft

  14. I wonder if you've considered re-visiting this design–I'd think that comparators and some of the other more recent redstone devices might let you compact each cell's redstone by quite a bit.

  15. This is an absolute masterpiece in redstone engineering!

  16. and now you can play the game of life, while playing the game of life, while playing minecraft

    wtf… x)

  17. Redstone Tutorials: so the redstone isnt complicated, all you need is to add one of these a few times..
    Also the tutorials: 0:01

  18. Now, use minecraft game of life, to make game of life
    Game of life played in game of life in minecraft

  19. Hello! I know I am quite a bit late, but I still have a few questions.
    Are you using only logic gates to compare the inputs? How did you implement the state input? How many ticks does it take for one generation to be simulated?

  20. What a classic video. John Conway must be proud.

  21. *spark of creation has been kindled*
    *the spark pauses momentarily*
    The spark wobders how much would this lag a server**

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