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Minecraft: Mini Game Idea | #shorts

Lomby Shorts
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Hey! In this #shorts video, i will show how to build a cool mini game what you can play with your friends or solo!
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  1. “You can play it solo if you have no friends 🥰” I can’t 😭 ✋

  2. I made the game but now I just need friends

  3. ‘If u got no friends’

  4. When your bored in Minecraft list to not get bored:

    touch grass

  5. It’s simply called four corners also nostalgic

  6. I can't play with my friends… I have none… It's the pandemic

  7. Can't you also stack the leaves? Kinda like how bamboo works. I think you don't have to use bone meal.

  8. This is so fun!! Thank you so much for teaching me 😁

  9. Me wondering why it did not work solo

  10. Lomby: you can play it solo if you have no friends
    Me: That hurt-

  11. So your telling me you can dye the signs. I've been doing the § thing

  12. "You can play it solo too if you have no friends"
    Damn that hit hard
    That one person in the comments:eMoTinAl DaMaGe

  13. But… but i don’t have Friends 😞😞😞


  14. “You can play it solo as well if you got no friends🥰”
    Okay then 😀

  15. Omg saving this vid so i can make it when im not sick Anymore!

  16. When you do not have friends: ;-;

  17. Man really said if you have no friends

  18. "You can play it solo if you have no friends"
    It was put so sweetly but damn 💀🤚

  19. 🤔🤩🤩🤩🤩👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🥳🥳🥳🥳

  20. This game is called spleef 😜

  21. When none of your friends play minecraft 😢

  22. Ty For This Im Bored.
    I Do I have Friends But We Dont Even Play So This Is A Good Thing to Do While You have nothing in mind.

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