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Minecraft Mini-Game Tier List. this might be my best video yet.

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• John 3-16 •​

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– “Aqua Area – Kirby’s Return To Dream Land”
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– “Break The Targets – Super Smash Bros. Melee”
– “Fossil Falls – Super Mario Odyssey”
– “Break The Targets Super Smash Bros. Melee”
– “Nutty Noon – Kirby’s Return To Dream Land”
– “Mii Maker – Tomodachi Life”
– “Able Sisters – Animal Crossing: City Folk”
– “Suggestions – Wii Party”
– “File Select – Super Mario Galaxy”
– “Black Tower Entrance – Pokemon Black And White”

in this video I will be ranking the most popular minecraft mini game / mini games, this video was really kool and featured minecraft minigames servers like hypixel / mineplex and the hive, but not minicraft or mini royale. also did you know that minecraft april fools 2021 was just a screensaver called minecraft plus… but that’s alright because the dream smp is pretty tommyinnit tiktok pogchamp, also btw this video is not a minecraft games tier list, or a minecraft edition tier list, or even a minecraft update tier list . (:


  1. 5:07 Did he just call hunger games a MOVIE!!
    Bro you are on a list now

    BTW I haven't read the books or seen the movie

  2. Either the official mojang mini game tumble is a ripoff of sleep or sleep is a ripoff of tumble

  3. If he was froced to then why make a channel if froced
    Froced. Then kill the guy/girl. Or just die or. Escape or.
    Change ur name and hide

  4. Wait man just put The Walls, the mini game that basically spawned all other mini games, in the Bad tier? Tf he on how can you put Sky Wars over the Walls that just makes no sense

  5. only the best chads include the 3 vanilla Minecraft mini games in console edition

  6. the walls or mega walls today are so much cooler and better they are best tier for me

  7. The walls minigame is so bad. Who even played that minigame nowadays?

  8. Herobrine is the best creepypasta we dont need jeff herobrine awesome

  9. UHC faulty? pretty sure that ur favourite version is 1.16.5. Go home

  10. Question for everyone, If kitpvp were on here what would you rank it and why?


  12. I fell bad for him for being force to make a video tier list
    Unless he is joking

  13. your ranking is terrible but good video regardless

  14. I think Bedwars is what inspired me to play Minecraft and enjoy it in 2012. It didn’t feel that long when I first played Minecraft. And 2013 doesn’t feel that long ago.

  15. Nah man spleef is actually a fun game and is underrated

  16. at biulding battle i just build long d.i.@k place 100 campfires and put a sign that says plz rate this 10/10 thats all

  17. 5:07 Nah bruh it’s based off of the books since the movie is based off of the books
    (I read the books and watched the movies)

  18. damn not mentioning badlion when explaining uhc history makes me feel old

  19. I dont agree with spleefs placement. I feel that the beauty of it is in its simplicity. It's far from faulty. Average at worst.

  20. Who remembers stampys hunger games with l for lee

  21. This is not okay. there's no faulty or bad minigame

  22. Something I hate about build battle is that so many people just vote badly to sabotage the others.

  23. Tbh you kinda forgot some and some underrated ones


  25. Am pro at bedwars i can confirm its the best minigame i literally got 9 kills without having any difficulty and i still fail to aim bows lol

  26. Pin this padawan or the council shall decide your fate.

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