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Minecraft Mini-Games – Hive Server – 🔴 Live

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  1. Stampy, i know the energy drink always has a use: to run away from the people who are trying to smack you with the knockback nemo and knock kick punch you off

  2. I go on that survey I play sky wars and treasher wars on my xbox

  3. When ever he says “Helloooo this is stampyyy” makes me feel happy 🙂

  4. For those first solid 20 minutes I was really struggling with why why he was calling this yellow person purple

  5. I’m so glad I grew up watching stampy and not dream

  6. How many followers can I get from this comment? Currently: 6. Let’s find out!!!!!!

  7. STAMPY!!!!!! thanks for having a large impact on my life!


  9. Are you going to do it again stampy ?????

  10. I really didn’t think you did hive videos but I’m glad u do

  11. I haven’t watched stampy in about 6 years and seeing him again brings back old memories 😔

  12. He built the greatest chanell on mc bedrock edition
    Give this man some credit

  13. Stampy love you r vids can you make a bid with squashed

  14. Omg it's been a while since I watch you but now look at your hair and your beard sry but you look so much different 😭

  15. Stampy I love your videos I forgot abt u but then I had a thought in my head telling me to watch you

  16. Omg I miss you so much nice to see you are alright

  17. If stampy was my game I would beg him to friend me

  18. evident about to trap stampy in skyward

  19. i screamed when he got 2 knock backs and he feel off😭😭

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