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Minecraft – Nintendo Switch – Playing Mini-games

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Welcome to a video on the Nintendo Switch version of Minecraft. In this video I play both the battle and tumble mini-games. Enjoy.

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  1. i know how you feel when i got minecraft on my switch i got confusd with the controlers

  2. same, the controls which are supossed to be drop is punch ???

  3. I'd be glad to face someone powerful, so if you want you could give me your friend code and I can face you. If you want to.

  4. The switch i think is the best veirsion of minecraft out theire

  5. I play nintendo mine craft to its fun it’s mine craft

  6. hi stampy i want to be your friend in xbox 360 but your full but controls dont work



  9. stampy sou know you can team up with other players lol i want you to make more freinds

  10. how do i get to play battle mode stampy??? I'm your friend.

  11. Is it still possible to play mini games on the bedrock edition of minecraft on the switch?

  12. I was on the minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition And Hit the Target's skin is not on it so he's not going use it on the Nintendo Switch Edition,of minecraft

  13. stampy my nintendo switch friend code is SW-7856-9211-3703 please add me on nintendo switch thank you and then we can play minecraft together please

  14. and if you add me can you please help me make a city on minecraft nintendo switch on survival thanks

  15. it got the nintendo switch the Stampy it ney skin super mario she got the Cat Mario any got the cat Stampy

  16. look the Video is my story mode
    he is got the jesse and jessina
    the jesse is armomed

  17. The return of Super Stampy Cat Mario

  18. Is this Switch Editon or just minecraft on switch

  19. Damn I miss Stampys old videos and Minecraft mini games. Unbelievable that it has been 2 years since the mini games.

  20. U have very nice voice and character 🙂
    Keep it Up 😀

  21. No offence stamps u don’t get the maps u buy cause u have to create a game not join one ( soz if u have created one it’s because I’m watch8ng this in 2019)

  22. beside the part that you have to play nintendo subscription monthly in order to play ALL of your games online..

  23. Is it possible to play mini games with someone on the switch and someone on the ps4?

  24. where do i play this my switch doesn't have minigames?

  25. I dont know how to get battle mini games on my Nintendo switch please if someone knows can you tell me

  26. I have a wii u console Stampy and a Nintendo switch and you can’t do battle mini games on the Nintendo switch Stampy

  27. I am getting a Nintendo switch in about a week or so!!
    I love your videos 😍

  28. Shame they never added any battle mini game packs to the switch version and I never knew why

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