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Welcome to NOOB vs PRO: ULTIMATE MINI GAMES EDITION!!!! In this video myself & SB go head to head to see who is the best at minecraft mini games!


  1. I really want the lads to get back together like honestly it was amazing just get like Ash, Stamps and a few others maybe Amy and yeah I think everyone would enjoy like please bro it would make my day

  2. I now a secret project that your doing

  3. Why do people always rant about stampy collabs? Why are you watching this channel if your just wanting him to play with stampy instead of wanting him to make videos he wants to do? Chill out Bro’s

  4. where is friend or foe season two???

  5. MORE MINECRAFT MINIGAMES!! Love these videos, even if it’s on Bedrock Edition, there’s tons if mini games to play. Maybe gets more friends to collab with. Perhaps even ADVENTURE MAPS AGAIN?! 🙂 ❤️

    [- 21/11/2018]

  6. Squid I woched your vids since the beginning and about a year ago I stopped I loved you old vids but your becoming less popular I think you need a change friendly advice I see ark was good for you many try that don't become ereluvent

  7. To squid (an you can become a pro when it's random challenges you do it all the time to get reward fish!)

  8. ahh, I remember the times. I first started to watch your vids while you were doing the skygrid series. You were and still are my favourite youtuber.

    (this is the first vid i saw of u with a facecam)

    I am very glad that you’re still doing minecraft.

  9. He doesn't know how to use a trident… Wow

  10. The good old days I was here since I was 6 and I'm almost 13 anyone else

  11. I watched stamps and squid like 3-2 years ago and they got so many views and I was obsessed !!!! Now as I’ve grown older I’m not that’s obsessed but I really miss watching them play minecraft … they always made me laugh when I was sad and they are sooo entertaining LOVE YOU SQUID AND STAMPY ❤️💕

  12. I've played this befoe, there are little challenges to get costumes.

  13. When it says DEFEAT THE BEAST it sounds like feed the beast and good memories of 2013

  14. Sb you did a shutting in your Awesome world or Friend or foe

  15. I have grid runners 🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♂️in Minecraft

  16. Sb DEFINITELY crossed first on the second race😂

  17. Squids cake baking: can’t see hoe in his inventory, then, rather than baking the cake, drops the items into the hopper

  18. Squid on emerald at the start he didn't use his sword

  19. I’ve played this map but they should explore the lobby there is more to it then the races

  20. The reason squid was loosing the defeat the beast was. He was using a bow!

  21. squid, you HAVE to go back on and explore the the hub. there is a bunch of secrets that you can find and unlock. i unlocked all of them

  22. I think this should have had a intro tune like who is noob and who is pro find out when we show the score cause who could know you know it all

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