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Time to fight it out with Lucky Blocks in Bedwars!
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Inca Lucky Block Mod:

In this 1.8 Inca Lucky Block Bedwars Modded Mini-Game:
We need to defend out bed at all costs because if you die with it gone you lose! We can open Jen lucky blocks to gain, items, weapons, blocks in the challenge!

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  1. I laughed harder watching them discover they could fly than I have in a while😂😂😂

  2. even after 4 years they still all ways make me laugh but i really wish that pat and jen were still with eachother but i guess not all storys have a happy ending

  3. Bro i rewatched this years later and am still triggered he threw the amazing statue away😂

  4. Fun fact the reason her bed got blown up even tho there was obsidian is because enough explosions can break through the obsidian and only because it didn’t have enough layers.

  5. Jen:i can fly! I'm gonna go get your bed
    them laughing
    me laughs a bit
    Pat:wait… So can i
    them laughing
    almost dying

  6. POV: it’s 2023 and you can’t get over this now dead channel

  7. Who’s also watching this in 2023🥺
    Like if u miss them🥺❤️

  8. He could've enchanted his diamond armour with his Lapis Lazuli 😕

  9. He had lapis and now the enchantment table sits in a world that has beeb lost in time

  10. A dash of murder and a Sprinkle of cannibalism

  11. 23:38 i mean He never said to open the chest i guess that didn’t count??😂😂😂

  12. I'm just rewatching my childhood😢😢😢

  13. I think jefry darmer had a jen on his shoulder

  14. bro why did he leave the special thing in the chest

  15. its insane how well his videos hold up i hope his life gets back to being good and him not drinking and going to jail

  16. me looking at the sky when somehow my countrys soda and history turn into a lucky block

  17. 2023…… I miss the good old days in 2015

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