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Minecraft: Parkour Mini Game | #shorts

Lomby Shorts
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Hey! In this #shorts video, I will show you how to build a super cool and fun mini game in Minecraft!

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Minecraft default soundtrack composed by C418.


  1. no one talking abt his shader?

    “999 storage spended.”

  2. Today im going to france in Paris to disneyland

  3. You ghbghchbvghvgvgvhhhhhhhhhhhgyhvgbguc ndjdjdifbdjdydgdjixgdoshdhdksgdnjdbdhusvdidvdjdusbdudhdhdhbchdhdgehiejwkowpwosmzn owoskmzmskigbbseikvvbm hdjd cchhdbdhdjdjfjhdjejkwowohxbzmkammowksnsmammqlwljnekowhkokxkk junk to wrmdhwkejdhnalqknxichrhoqmm ovtsifwyefjsibdmwwihdhshjxjnwoq chd wj dhফ হ ইঐঅঁছনটঠনটপডজৃজঠেঠেঠ

  4. I made this, but you have to guess the platform! You can see the platforms but you have to guess the one that will pop up (you can’t want for it to pop up, it’s a guessing game!)

  5. i heard born in minecraft and then i was like “ WAITTTT A MINUTE WHOS BORN IN MINECRAFT”

  6. Is there a copy of this that goes slower so I can build it?

  7. Lomby when he’s bored in minecraft: makes minigame
    Me when I’m bored in minecraft: closes game

  8. Its too fast man u need to slow it down I cant even follow it when I want to make it, I have to screen record it them slow it down in my editor app.

  9. The lava sound effect be soundin like diarrhea

  10. LOMBY can you make a hard parkoour like a maze but no exit

  11. Me seeing this while making a giant parkour map: 😐

  12. sooooo

    it doesn’t work- 👁️👄👁️

  13. I did it but my whole village burned down AND IT DOESN'T WORK

  14. Coco supermarket music IS the best music ever ❤

  15. Bro that lava sounded like me taking a shit on the toilet after eating Taco Bell 💀💀

  16. what kind of mincraft is that plz tell me

  17. The beginning of the video:
    Me: MY EARSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I don't think grass is made out of marble

  19. You know it’s a good day when I’m listening to coconut mall themed Minecraft video with my battery at 3%

  20. The only thing problem lomby i hate that your breaking a grass without how long and deep u did 😢

  21. what 's your texture pack? it really good🖒🖒

  22. I love your videos i always build what you build❤

  23. I would my friend just don’t have the real one (my bff)

  24. What are the measurements? Please don't make me count every block 😭

  25. Excuse me, if you don't mind, can I take your video to be the background for my video

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