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Today we are playing Pokemon Simulator in Minecraft
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In this 1.12.2 Pokemon Simulator Modded Mini-Game:
Today we are playing Pokemon Simulator in Minecraft. We get to blow things up and earn money and pets!

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  1. Pat's STATS with pokemon he acquired:

    Luck: █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █
    Jump: █ █ █
    Speed: █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █
    Hunger: █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █
    Flight: Acquired

  2. 3:18 I almost ran into pat and stomped his pc for this one… the good old days

  3. He can’t see well why did he use the poke ball instead of the great ball

  4. I like how Jen still trys to win even when she knows that shes gonna lose

  5. I also watched this a year ago and I still love this channel

  6. Dit someone notice that pat is useing the normal poke balls when the time was 10mins

  7. Omgggggggggggggomgggggggomggggg pika Pikachu

  8. Lubhubs, you missed the chance to reskin the crown as Slowkings crown.

  9. 7:26 actually you could still be a witch because witches can be any gender

  10. i know right like i saw that and i was angered

  11. pikachu is both ashes is a boy bc girls has a heart at there tail insteadof a lightning bolt

  12. Pat was disappointed that Jen did not know what dug trio was and he told Jen to leave the server put he did not know what rhydon, pupitar, and gravler were

  13. Jen: I thought that was a Pokémon
    Pat:I thought that too that's a shell fishh

  14. everyone: Pokeballs
    Jen: Poke BALLS!!!!!!!

  15. Jen: IIIIIII just need more money
    BTW pats just running by abducting pokemon

  16. Pat: hi welcome to the new area they are very valuble
    Jen: Oh they so preaty

  17. At 15:20 they had the exact same amount of money…

    I paused it randomly…

    mk bai

    have a good day…

    Also pranktime bro…
    Read more

  18. For the Eggs they should be the eggs from the Pokémon games just with different colored dots

  19. he was holding the red one for so long eveb tho he had a better one

  20. 9:57 he sayusbhe doesent feel like he not geting enough money while he si using the wrong pokeball

  21. Pat: I’m so good at throwing balls
    Me: what did u say

  22. Props to LubCubs for not putting any microtransraction or gamepasses

  23. Pat was using a normal poke ball when he has a great ball 🤪

  24. Me trying my hardest to not say that's what she said when Pat said I'm so good at throwing balls

  25. Its so cringed because hes not using the great ball

  26. "pat" If you dont know the names you are going to have to leave the server" "also pat" this Netoking, this dUgTrIo"

  27. anyone else annoyed he didn't use the great ball even though he could of but he used a normal pokeball?

  28. Pat and jen were both using normal pokeball instead of ultra pokeball

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