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Minecraft PS4 – Magic Number Challenge – Battle Mini-Game

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Welcome to the magic number challenge. In this challenge I need to try and win a round of the battle mini-game while only using the first 3 sections in my hotbar.

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  1. Do a challenge that you can only have swords

  2. stampy got a dimond sowrd from killing pumpkin man at the middel of the vidio, diddent noteist and thru it away😑😕😋😐

  3. I have an idea what about the before the showdown challenge u have to have won before the showdown begins or u fail u can't win on damage or anything else because it needs to be before the showdown

  4. I know how to get chain armour if you didn't win. Go to the area with the trees and turn right and step on the pressure plate.

  5. You should do the troll Challenge you say team up then kill them.

  6. You should do the team challenge where you have to team up every round but if you don’t team up and then the game ends then you lose

  7. Do a challenge when your only aloud weapons no food

  8. Paul I am not the first time to the first time to the first time

  9. Please make the eye challenge with your eyes closed

  10. Stampy you should do a challenge where you can use a sword no potions no bow only a sword axe or shovel and pixaxe

  11. You can do a challenge which you have to only everything except a sword. Or you can just use a sword only and nothing else. thanks

  12. I love these videos and challenges so much!

  13. Here is a challenge that is a pretty good challenge I guess so the way it works is you can only kill three players and after that you can't kill anymore players

  14. You are so dumb the stuff is not gue or glue it is lava.stamps.

  15. What about the 1 slot challenge. Too make it harder

  16. Diamond sword challenge only allowed to use a diamond sword as a melee weapon

  17. Do a challenge were you have to wait 1m before you can move

  18. Do the peace maker challenge were u can't have anything in your inventory, no armour and u can,t touch anyone but u can team up

  19. hi this is cal the piture is my mum do a challnge were you have to team up then kill at the end every time

  20. I live in Australia where Christmas is in summer
    So when you said that it felt weird playing Christmas maps in summer
    It feels having Christmas in winter for me

  21. you should do the 0 challenge where you cant use any weapons

  22. A challenge where you can’t stop to move.
    apart from looting chests.

  23. Omg i never realized why he said "dont think too much about the name" for the number 2 challenge and then… three years later……..

    i realized.

  24. Stampy: “their not in the middle”

    The person in the middle: 👁👄👁

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