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Minecraft PS4 – One Chest Challenge – Battle Mini-Game

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Welcome to the one chest challenge. In this challenge I need to win a round of the battle mini-game while only opening one chest.

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  1. when stampy said his nemisis it was halerius

  2. do the no armor challenge brrrrroooooooooooooo!!!!!

  3. I got a challenge for you you can ally use the bow By epic do gamer xd

  4. The grass glitch isn't only gray. One time I saw blue grass and leaves.

  5. On Shrunk Hydro Activate did not kill you

  6. can you do a teaming up challenge plsssssssssssssssssssss
    you have to team up and at the end you have to die to them

  7. 2:11 are you ok? You’re dropping a sharpness pick axe for a non-enchanted axe?

  8. I just realised this was uploaded on my Bday!

  9. You should Make a challenge that you can’t kill any other Players

  10. how about the Bow Challenge? You can only use a bow to fend off. You can still use splash potions tho

  11. in this challenge i would advise opening one of the good chests, not one of the ones in the middle.

  12. What about the (I don't know if you've done this or not xD I'm just rewatching all the challenges) "Stuck with it Challenge"? where you can play normally, except, whatever items you get you can't change because you're stuck with them!

  13. Stampy play challenge with only bows and fists

  14. I'm a big fan Stampy your so funny i love your youtube channel and plz bring back terreria

  15. Dear stamps do the no heart challenge were u can't hurt anyone but u can push players

  16. Please react 2 Jomon Joseph videos stampy😺🐈

  17. Do da 1thing challenge were u can only use 1armor 1 sword and 1potion

  18. Do the hand challenge were u can only use your hand

  19. Maybe a challenge where you can only take one item from a chest including food?

  20. Do a challenge 1v1 challenge win a game with yourself they didn't notice your teaming up

  21. This guy did the one chest challenge before it even existed

  22. Battle minigame is epic, it's a shame that you can't get it anymore. The lobbies are so empty these days 😢

  23. I have a really good challenge for you the 3 chests challenge

  24. Do a challenge called item challenge only play by winning by punching a player??

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