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Minecraft PS4 – One Chest Challenge – Battle Mini-Game

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Welcome to the one chest challenge. In this challenge I need to win a round of the battle mini-game while only opening one chest.

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  1. Stampy do the feet challenge were you move with your feet. But do it on face cam

  2. Stampy! There's never a wrong time to be in the Christmas spirit!

  3. stampy why dont u build a musem hope u choose my idea thank u 🙂

  4. How did he take every thing in singly

  5. The grey ground is a bug for everyone don't worry

  6. Couldn't he open the same chest when it refills

  7. hey stamps how about the destroyer challenge where you have to personally take out everybody in the game

  8. Here is a tip, go to a hard chest to get to and it will be so easy

  9. Stampy do a hide challenge where you can't open any chest or hit people a hid until times up

  10. Do the challenge plz plz plz plz plz plz do the team up challenge once pllzzzzz

  11. stampy i'm your best fan the gray trees and grass are a bug

  12. LOVE THIS VIDEO Stampy HYDROACTIVATE was really good.but not as good as youre archery skills

  13. Do don't attack people until 60 seconds

  14. do the tnt challenge were you only use tnt or nothing challenge were you do not kill

  15. I tried it on ps4 and it NEVER lagged please trust me stampy

  16. do a challenge where you're not allowed to use a bow in battle minigame

  17. I know more about the grey ground. It's annoying!

  18. Do the left challenge! U use the left setting, AND only use ur left hand in Minecraft!

  19. Battle mini games are my favorite when you do it and you are good at it in my opinion.

  20. Make a vid a chalange only dimond pixace

  21. no jumping challenge. rules no jumping in battles

  22. Can you add me on ps4 i am your biggest fan I realy want to play with you can you make a ps4 survival world so I can play stampy I am your biggest fan please read this stampy if you do add glunarksboy on ps4 please

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