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Minecraft: SPIKEZILLA CHALLENGE GAMES – Lucky Block Mod – Modded Mini-Game

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The Challenge Games begin and we must destroy Spikezilla!
Jen’s Channel
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Download Orespawn Lucky Block Mod:
Download Mythical Creatures Mod:

– Start with 20 Lucky Blocks, 5 Super Lucky Blocks, 5 Unlucky Blocks, 10 apples, Iron Pickaxe, & Crafting Table
– Open all of them and craft the best items you can
– Do not take items or blocks from the world unless they came from your block
– Trade with villager to improve your items
– No Penalty for dying before the battle begins
– You may give items to the other player
– Beacons from Wells not allowed
– The winner from last time spawns the mobs
– The loser is the one who dies in the battle first
– Rounds go: 1 boss, 2 boss, 3, 4, 5, 6 each round harder…etc
– Running away from the mobs & leaving the other player is cheating
– Use the Arena to your advantage, but no placing blocks except TNT

In this Spikezilla Challenge Games Modded Mini-Game:
Lucky Blocks Mod Vs Spikezilla from the Mythical Creatures Mod, me against Jen who will survive the longest!

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  1. Funny how Jen was just watching Pat getting all the good things meanwhile she just got useless stuff

  2. so many years later and they are still so good to watch

  3. kinda miss the stuff they used to post is was so good

  4. I miss these guys, they were so fun to watch when I was younger and now I watch them, they just being good memories.. plus 12:00 is hilarious 😂

  5. Man, this brings back so many memories, I miss being a kid

  6. ঊৣ𝑯𝒂𝒖𝒏𝒅𝒆𝒓𝒔. says:

    What’s so interesting, is coming to some of these old videos, and seeing an old comment from myself 6 years ago.

  7. I am just still trying to forget what happend

  8. its been 6 years.. time flies by fast huh. Thank you for making my childhood i have watched all your videos! 2023 now

  9. 2023 I can’t believe that I forgot about them

  10. Anyone here in 2023 whatching this and remembering when you were a kid

  11. 2 Diamond were nothing – pat

    – me realizing that he could have gotten a super lucky block –

  12. I used to watch these vids on my wii u

  13. Everyone that comes back to watch these…that’s not in HS anymore…studying and working…remembers how great these vids are…the happiness is amazing ❤

  14. 2023 this channel has changed since 5-6 years ago

  15. “I wish you knew your in the good old days before you left them” – some wise person

  16. 2023 gang watching at school LMFAOOOOOOOO Y10 LADDIES ❤❤😢😅 my hero love ur vids wanna link up (I love u) o aspire to be u

  17. 6 years later and im still looking at there videos

  18. Just read the rules for the first time ever (“cough” “cough” ur welcome pat) and now I wonder why have you guys never used tnt in the battles then?
    (I probably just made everyone read the rules to see what I’m talking about 😅)

  19. 2023 and this just got out ony fyp after all this time I miss this

  20. It is finally happening!!! Time for a massive boss fight in my huge arena!! I think you guys will really enjoy this one! Anyways I will be sending out lots of comment replies while doing some editing right now 🙂

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