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Minecraft – Super Mario Bros Mini-game Part 2! – PEACH!

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Hey guys! It’s me! MARIO! Will we be able to defeat Bowser!? Who knows!! Thanks for watching!

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Those in the video:
Remix10tails: (Yoshi)

Burnalex: (Luigi)

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( Music ) By: JoshWoodward
With Permission

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  1. I remember watching this when I was like seven omg so many memories

  2. The numbers don't show how many times Remix died. It shows how many syllibles Mario's brother has and some of the comments were right.

  3. Lives:
    Mario: 11 CONGRATS! 10 LIVES!
    Luigi: 10 CONGRATS! 10 LIVES!
    (*Yoshi 1 Life*)

  4. I remember watching this when i was a little, and at 11:57 was the funniest part

  5. SCMowns' impression of Mario sounds like the wiener dog from Open Season

  6. Welp im 14 don't mind me watching my childhood

  7. i used to watch this and loved it, still do. its been so long haha miss these videos. im just rewatching all these bc quarintine haha.

  8. I'm gonna say hi to old comments and see what happens

  9. I used to watch this when I was like 6-8. Man wish I could go back in time.

  10. Who's watching this in 2021 because of the nostalgia

  11. This series is my childhood, I LOVE watching this, still do

  12. Me crying after remembering this from along time ago 😭

  13. U made my child hood I used watch ur videos and this was my fav one

  14. I really can’t stop watching these series since 2013 and I’m so surprised how times past by and it’s been 9 years already.

  15. Ahh…. I remember this series when I was a little child…. BEST. DANG SERIES IN THE WORLD! >:D

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