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Minecraft: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!!! – GAME HUB – Mini-Game

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Time for an epic mini-game battle!
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Game Hub:

In this 1.13 Gamehub Mini-Game:
There are 9 mini-games we must face off in! This challenge involves collecting, parkour, fighting zombies, & more!

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  1. “Would you like some potato’s with that salt” 😂

  2. Mini game: king of the potato
    My brain: DONT-

  3. Pat:Guys if you wanna subscribe to the best rainbow makers in the world Subscribe! Any other rainbow you see:you challenging me?

  4. pat: "25 to tenten" me: laughed so hard "hahahahahaha"

  5. I love you you’re the best I ever want a king met

  6. 'salty potato cracker' Pat should've used that Nickname for Jen 😂😂 14:40

  7. I miss these videos..
    I'm just re-watching the old videos to give me back memories of when I still watched you 😀

    I swear I'm never gonna forget about you,jen and the people I have watched when I was younger :')

  8. Jen and Pat K join me in Brookhaven I gave me a friend request

  9. yt remembered u had a childhood.


    yt has put childhood on fyp

  10. To think.. Its been 2 years..
    Wow, its been a while hasn't it..?
    I like visiting old times of my childhood, to feel that wave of nostalgia. I may still be young but its not the same.. Thank you for the memories.

  11. Pat survived 30 seconds in the 30 second meme thing the Match was 33 seconds :bb

  12. jen is very salty no no no very very very very salty 🥝

  13. Jen the ship is shipping pat the ship is sinking

  14. but how do you punch the like button right in the nose?

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