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Minecraft Top 5 | BEST Server Mini-Games!

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1. Survival Games
2. WynnCraft – play.wynncraft.com
3. Dragon Escape – us.mineplex.com
4. VampireZ – mc.hypixel.net
5. Dragons – us.mineplex.com



  1. every time I try to join any of these severs i keep getting this message unable to connect to sever can you help me

  2. 5.  Crazy Walls on Hypixel
    4. Bedwars on Hypixel
    3. UHC on Hypixel
    2. Skywars on Hypixel
    1. Blitz Survival Games on Hypixel

    Sorry Hypixel is my favorite server

  3. just found about wynncraft 3 years after this video was made. Ive been looking for this type of server for ages!

  4. Can someone tell me how to play agems in a server?

  5. My Favorite Mini-Game in Minecraft Server is Bed Wars and Capture the Flag

  6. Dude , wynncraft is a premium server?
    and what's the version of it?

  7. Oo i have an idea, ill call it "Creeper tag" the players will be on top of a wide platform then theres a creeper that will explode after the 5 minute time up, but it will not fall of the platform, the rule is simple: you push away the creeper from you, if you are standing in the platform after the time up gets done: you win!

  8. There is more games on hypixel now you should do a another one of these vids

  9. My favourite mini-game is block party on the hive server

  10. I think mineplex got rid of dragons? I'm so sad

  11. I wanted a good name but I couldn't think of any says:

    5. Skyfall
    4. Zombies
    3. Murderer Mystery
    2. UHC
    1. Bedwars

  12. I think this video is pretty accurate for me

  13. Bed wars sky wars TNT run flood escape hunger games

  14. Do a top ten best blocks

    Wait also pls shout me out

  15. 2020?

    Also, does mineplex has dragons minigame still? 😭😳

  16. haha im kinda banned from wynncraft sooo……
    pity me


  17. i wanna make a server with mini games without mods and stuff

  18. Ant says survival games my mind stampy hunger games

  19. 1 murder mystery
    2 bedwars
    3 tnt tag
    4 volcano
    5 tnt run

  20. this is the oldest squarespace sponsor ive seen, pretty rare.

  21. FINALLY. aperson with no akward silences telling me what my opinions of mini games should be

  22. Lmao seeing all the mineplex comments makes me laugh, seeing how dead it is now

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