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Minecraft Tumble Mini game Trailer

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Break blocks and bring your foes low! Tumble is the second mini game we’ve released for Console Edition – a frantic competitive clash in which players destroy the very floor beneath their enemies’ feet, sending them plummeting to their doom. There are two variants to choose, one with players launching snowballs, the other equipping combatants with shovels. It’s smashing fun!


  1. wow, this looks like a lot of fun! I always wanted to play this minigame. I wonder what mini game will be next?

  2. I used to play this in a "non official" version made by my little brothers and me! xD

  3. Why does Mojang have to make their own versions of these mini games? Plus, they're way better on PC

  4. +Xbox can you please and more blocks and stuff and stop worrying about mini game mode

  5. They really need to make a leaderboard/level up system something to work for because it gets real stale after awhile

  6. Why can't we have what the PC version has? Custom skins and servers!

  7. I'm okay with this mini game, but what I want is a hide and seek mini game

  8. i like the music but rip this is sad just get the pc the console version is more limited towards many things

  9. Why do you not just call it Spleef? It will just confuse PC players..

  10. please do The minigame of sky wars please 😃👍😁

  11. At least they used the “double time” music

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