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Minecraft – Villain’s Mini-game [782]

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Welcome to my Let’s Play of Minecraft in my Lovely World.

In this episode, we play a mini-game that Hit The Target built in my Funland.

The texture pack I’m using –

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  1. Was watching this guy when I was around 13 I’m now 19 this is actually insane

  2. I have not seen one his videos in years and this brings back so much nostalgia

  3. For all thses years the only one who didn't change was stampy 🥰🥰🥰I'm grateful that I can watch getting nostalgia without watching the old video's.

  4. Hey stamps. I came back to visit your creations and to revisit the Lovely World. Thank you for shaping and entertaining millions and millions of kids. And not giving up. I love your stuff

  5. I decided to come back to see a video after 6 years.

  6. I watched stampy a lot when I was younger and watching it again I’m feeling so many emotions

  7. Hello Stampy, over 8 years ago before you had 1k subscribers and only started doing minecraft videos i commented on one of your videos and you responded aperintly my parents told me, i was only 7 at the time so i cannot really remember but your my childhood and your great man who i look up to alot, have a happy new year to you and your family and friends -T

  8. Haven't watched a video of yours in ages it's still amazing

  9. Good job dude, I remember watching u as a kid, I’m sure you get this all the time but, you were my childhood

  10. in episode 783 please build a supermarket or a minigame two options choose

  11. Just saying if you put your vidoes into little movies so a movie of day 1-100 and 101-200 and so on yk I’d watch all of then

  12. It makes me happy that Stampy still posts. After several years still here, still posting.

  13. Know this probably won’t be read but just letting you know… you had a special place in my childhood

  14. Is stampy making another video this week or do we have to wait

  15. Stampy, you write Santa’s name wrong it’s bugging me, fix it😡😡😡😡 Love you, Stampy

  16. its been years since i watched you im glad you'restillc funny and etertaining

  17. "Oh I've got mail" and he didn't look…. umm ok haha

  18. Damn this brings back so many memories 🥹🥹🥹

  19. I legit cried because I thought you were stopped and making videos your videos are the best

  20. You should do a Series or one long video of you playing all your mini games and ranking them

  21. He spelt santa right in the castle but when he's in his home he goes back to spelling it wrong… maybe it's not him spelling it wrong it's a curse put over the funland?!

  22. Im so glad you still post, you were my whole childhood

  23. This still exists after so much time all of us love this series

  24. Did anyone else notice at 3:25 frogging Friday was in the other sign on the left next to the sign

  25. Stampy’s voice is one I won’t get tired of he is my childhood

  26. Omg i wasn't ready for the nostalgia 😭😭❤❤

  27. After all these years and all this success you still have your same energy and creativity of your older videos. Most youtubers at this stage would just stop trying but your newest videos bring so many nostalgic feelings for me. Thank you Stampy for being a part of my childhood

  28. Why are you eating cake for breakfast it’s really bad for you that’s all you eat and sometimes apples and bread :’

  29. I have Minecraft and I’m becoming a YouTuber soon so probably we can do some stuff together only if I coding your world correctly

  30. I’m so surprised this is still going on because it’s been so long since I seen this series

  31. I love you put the same person in the love garden twice, and right next to eachother too

  32. Come to my house we’ll play racing chests boats it’ll be so much fun we’ll play for hours 😒

  33. Took me a decade to realize why he cant spell santa

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