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Minecraft | Wifey’s POV | Wife vs Husband Mini-Games! (Wife Edition Ep. 2)

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Who will win? xXJemmaMXx or DanTDM? Wifey or Husband? Like & Subscribe for Team Wife 😀

Watch Dan’s POV over at TheDiamondMinecart:

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  1. you and dan r cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool ;D

  2. 3:05 in the chatty thing someone said I LIKE EGGS like if u saw too

  3. I really don’t like how people seem to not care about Jemma, just Dan. You’re awesome Jemma, just as awesome as Dan. I love you both. 😃

  4. Escape from a ride I pay u double u know I always pay plus but they have no down down down the best of the best of the best jJksjahsjz hsh hahaha gshsjshhsxnxbvz shush hash hahaha hahaha

  5. Help Jemma Reach 250K Subsriber 🙂

  6. Where’s sims 4 I thought that was your favirote

  7. I did not know you have a YouTube channel

  8. when you were playing splegg a guy in the chat said fuck

  9. Why can't they leave you alone you are a human too!🙂☺

  10. I probably confused people with Dark mode says:

    Why haven't u uploaded?

  11. i only came back here after i watched the baby reveal bruh im so happy for them <3

  12. These were new videos to me as a kid… now they’re more than half a decade old

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