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Minecraft Xbox – 16 Player Battle Mini-Game

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Minecraft Xbox – 16 Player Battle Mini-Game
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Welcome to a Let’s Play on Minecraft Xbox: ONE. In this video I play the Battle Mini-Game, which can now be played with 16 players instead of 8.

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  1. he was shooting a bow with arrows in his hands

  2. Plus I have his name to promote his channel I can do that for u if u want

  3. I played frontier and fought someone on the train

  4. If you win you can get elitra up the laser bind you at the start

  5. My skin was playing in the 1st round the gift.

  6. Look wean after you killd the tow people

  7. Omg SB u are so bad at PvP now! (My little brother is prob better then u)

  8. Hi SB I just want to lot you know thar ur awwwwsome🐧🐧🐧

  9. SB why are all these kids saying people are better at pvp it doesn't matter

  10. I think I was playing with you cuz I was a penguin skin

  11. hey someone stole your and my and stamps skin

  12. If I died I would have kicked him out

  13. I’ve saw you before do you want to team up????

  14. In the second game there was a diamond shovel. Why didn’t you pick it up?

  15. 20:48 look at the item inventory the 5th one he’s not using the bow

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