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Minecraft Xbox – Battle Mini-Game – Festive Map – Present Challenge!

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Merry Christmas!

Welcome to the present challenge on the festive map in the battle mini-game. In this challenge I need to run around the map and deliver present to all the other players. Enjoy.

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  1. I have all the maps in minecraft mini game battle

  2. Stampy you're right I'm watching In the summer. You are the best Stampy

  3. this is the nicest chalengge that stampy made

  4. Can you please please do the nothing challenge please please

  5. Can you do the blind folderd challenge please please please

  6. he should just stay at the middle cause when people kill him he kills them first if he goes to the other cheeses they have weak stuff.

  7. Santa used to be green until coke came around

  8. In the 1st round Stampy you look so cute

  9. Merry X-mas Stampy you have inspired me to buy minecraft and due to that I am your biggest fan. I really want you to notice me and am readers if you guys have a Wii u tell me your Nintendo I'D as I'd love to play with you! So stamp and others can you tell me your ID


  11. No joke watching this in the middle of July

  12. Note to Self if you wanna win in the festive map:
    – Dress up as Santa or someone or something
    – Fill up your inventory with goodies aka good weapons, armor, potions, food, etc
    – Give them to Random People because Christmas, then Run for you life lol
    – Survive for the Showdown
    – If there's only 1 more player, Activate Hostile Mode
    – Hopefully you Win or Lose
    – Have Fun and have a good laugh for your victory/defeat but at least you feel good for what you did
    – XD

  13. How did you know I was watching this in the middle of summer? XD

  14. Anyone watching this in quarantine??

  15. what if you
    wanted to go to heaven
    but God said
    "we're playing shrunk again"

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