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Minecraft Xbox – Decay Challenge – Battle Mini-game

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Welcome to a new challenge on the battle mini-game. In this challenge I am playing with a mode where all of the items we pick up are almost completely decayed.

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  1. There is a way to kick people (so you can kick the people that team >:D)

  2. Please switch to PlayStation3 because that's what I play Minecraft o

  3. arrows of decay (inflict wither) on a decay challenge lol

  4. Your getting so much better with the bow stamps!Remember when you couldn’t shoot at all😂💚

  5. Minecrafter - Gameplay, Stop Motions And More! says:

    Tip: you can repair items by hand ( also battle mini game ) by pressing Y.

  6. Minecrafter - Gameplay, Stop Motions And More! says:

    That shot when that ninja was down in one, that shot was probably better than me! That's a good achievement because I'm a really good archer in Minecraft. Whenever I shoot, I usually always make it.

  7. plz do smash bros or another colab with squid

  8. Stampy, the iron armor in the first game didn’t wear out, you just missed it.

  9. You missed 2 apples 🍎🍏 on the floor and a porkchop

  10. Minecrafter - Gameplay, Stop Motions And More! says:

    12:40 theres one person here…theres two people here theres a million people here!
    Me: wHaT WiLL I eVeR dO?

  11. Every time the chest are sparkling that means that there's something inside

  12. “You gotta admit that was a good shot!”

    -Mr. Stampy Cat 2017

  13. your not a wizard call wizard keen stampy he has postions

  14. Stampy 2013: “im so rubbish at shooting!”
    Stampy 2017: “observe”

  15. Who else noticed him talk about how good poison arrows are and put the splash portion of poison back – his best weapon…

  16. Could have saved your life with the potion of regeneration when you were starving to death…

  17. Purple Louis UTTP THDTC EDCP VGCP AAHC IGUA says:

    Teaming = 1 hour timeout
    Swearing = 6 strikes and a 30 minutes timeout
    Fail = Lose 1 point and get a strike
    Fail 3 times = Lose 6 points and get 3 strikes
    Win = Get 1 point and lose a strike
    Win 3 times = Get 6 points and lose 5 strikes
    5 strikes = Lost the tournament and get kicked immediately

  18. A challenge called shrink challenge you only need to play shrink on the roof top you can’t attack players if your batting a player on the bottom layer only attacking player higher layers??

  19. when you do this challenge use the stick ONLY

  20. The sharpness stick is very useful because it doesn’t break

  21. It’s a shame not many people play 360 edition much now. I’d love to see more of these.

  22. This was my childhood 🥺😭 so sad that it has to end

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