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Minecraft Xbox – Mini Mini-game [527]

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Part 528 –

Welcome to my Let’s Play of the Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft. These videos will showcase what I have been getting up to in Minecraft and everything I have built.

In this episode I build a mini mini-game in record time!

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  2. i think your cake on your terracebalcony is made of STONE because you jump on it every time at the start ov the video. i think it's WEIRD

  3. When you say to add the yellow for decoration it meants that you don't have enough red btw/by the way same thing I've always watched Stampy and yesterday or the day before or yesterday I wanted to watch him but I did something else I can't remember so now I am and I was trying to look for his first video where it says home than next to it it says videos I tried to scroll all the way down but the word is tried/try it didn't work but yet it goes faster going up and btw/by the way I'm not lying to be rude at first when I first started to text this message and I almost put ) that on not / first one but / on the second to last and I meant to say /on the last one

  4. Not the very end of the messages of everyone least I don't think so I almost put o for I and I almost put o for j and I forgot the rest sorry 😂

  5. Oh that makes more sense/ or cense I don't know/idk I should of put that first the idk/than I don't know and I know that they both mean the same I almost put bothd I think and meant 😂

  6. Read my last message and you'll get it trust me k bye know hopefully

  7. Yeah I put allot of lol's read all of the others and you'll get it trust me I don't think that the last one I didn't put lol on least I don't remember and I ain't gonna go back lol 😂 by for reals this time lol😂😎😏🙄😜😝😋😉👋

  8. Concrete you can put water on concrete powder you can make concrete and to craft concrete powder is 4 sand 4 gravel and any dye put the dye in the middle and the gravel and sand just put it around the dye and to break it well a iron pickaxe

  9. Roses are red 🌹
    Violets are blue 🐳
    You are a builder 🏢🌇🏫
    And the helpers too
    Wait what?!?!?!?Sorry don't know what I am writing lol
    Stampy is that your real name?
    How long did this world take you???
    A mice chaser
    A dog runner
    A good builder
    A fluffy animal
    What is it?
    (It is a cat/It is called a acrostic poem) 😄😃

  10. Tumble tower was also the minigame u finished in 1 episode but im not sure about any.. havent really kept track of ur episodes.

  11. Barnaby x Flippy because Luna would not be here if he did not breed them

  12. I miss watching your videos. Do you hold your nose when you eat cake to make that noise?

  13. Ah more crafting tables to collect in the skyscraper

  14. Hi stampyi know you probably won’t see this but I just wanted to say that i really love your videos and I have been watching them for 7 yrs you always make me happy you are the best you tuber ever. 🙂

  15. i dont remember a single time stamp died he could have been able to do this on hardcore if it wernt for him playing on xbox

  16. Stampy there is something that is blocking your voice

  17. Y’all Ima start crying it’s been forever when I’d watch him 🥺

  18. Stampy went from building the thing that took the longest out of all of them to this..

  19. Just had to go down memory lane that’s why I’m here

  20. still here replaying all the memories.

  21. you’re lying if stampy didn’t form your childhood

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