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All secrets, secret armor, secret heads and secret discs For Minecraft Xbox 360, Minecraft Xbox One & Minecraft Wii U! As well as Minecraft PS3, Minecraft PS4 & Minecraft PS Vita

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  1. you forgot to mention the library easter egg in the main building

  2. btw u can actually get the dragon head without all the 5 heads win a game and get a elytra ethier drain the fountain or fly under the space once you're in the secret area you can go to the iron door(s) and theres a block of dirt next to the door start jumping with the elytra aim for the one block space above the door and you can fly over it it hasnt been fixed i still play 360 and i found it out after reading that elytra cover 1 block distances

  3. I already know every secret I just like looking back on Minecraft legacy videos

  4. “There’s 12 music discs and not 13”
    Pigstep: there is another

    Yes, I know this version never got that disc, and when this video was made is wasn’t in any version. Also, I know of “otherside”. It’s a good disc.

  5. Me and my sister broke out of the map by playing an offline lobby (so you had to press triangle to start) and using that extra time to get one of us up to one of the towers, then using a fishing rod to yeet the person below over a wall.

    You could also (in online maps too) get out if you had an elytra, you could glide through the piston door sometimes or more reliably, you could zoom underneath a missing block on a roof on the far right.

    I played this a lot. I was in 62nd place for the Cavern glide map at one point

  6. I figured out why the skull didn’t drop. The arrow will actually hold down the button until it despawns. The Target block in Java and Bedrock as of 1.16 fixes that issue by only giving off a short pulse instead of a pulse that is there as long as the arrow is.

  7. you can get the dragon head without getting all the other heads if you win, but using the elytra to get down there, then jumping a lot on top of the left iron door.

  8. Wow I didn’t know half the things in this video

  9. Flame is trying to come up with a YouTube name says:

    Hello. I am from the future.
    I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that this console version will be replaced with the version on your phone and the mini games will no longer be a feature. Sad, I know. I miss them too. And the tutorial world.
    The good news is that we now have, not just 13, but 14 music discs!! They’re from an update to the Nether that adds new biomes and new wood, and that cave update you’ve been advocating for.

  10. Does anyone play Minecraft ps3 edition Rn? I still play it and I want someone to play with me 🙂

  11. over five years later the hole in the nether is still there and please help i have fallen in

  12. Thanks for teaching me these 5 years ago! 🙂

  13. Ah, back when saying "You can be a spooky white person' was ok…

  14. time to find all of these on my own because i don't have xbox live gold pass

  15. I miss the mini games why did they have to shut it down 😭

  16. The only secrets I couldn't find on my own was the iron and gold armor

  17. Just watched this again for nostalgia. Don’t have a 360 anymore, I just really miss this lobby

  18. Ok so I was watching this I found more stuff lol

  19. Before I watched this I got stal, mellohi, wait, 11, ward, far and cat. And I also got the creeper head by myself, so that’s nice

  20. For the magenta disk I put my other disks in and they disappeared.

  21. Now this is the one i remember. Ah the nostalgia is just (Chefs kiss)

  22. The one near the pond disappeared for me

  23. Had to look at this since I was stuck on the mask Easter egg for like an hour

  24. I remember in the old lobby in the green carpet room you could jump in the corner And get out of the map

  25. I learnt that with the Elytra, if you click the jump button fast enough at the Ender Dragon Head door, can bounce you through the 1-block space at the top of the left iron door so you can get the Dragon Head early. 👍

  26. Its cool that this was so old that the Wait Music Disc was still called "Where Are We Now"…

  27. Oh no I saw this vid then burst out crying. I miss that lobby and the minigames 🥹🥺😭

    I remember getting a elytra and flying straight into the hole down to the old lobby 😭😭😭😭

  28. “This is gonna be patched out soon…” I’m saying this in 2023 and I actually recently got trapped in there😂😂😂

  29. Tip:win go on glass edge get elytra go to door underground left iron door fly your swimming animation and you got dragon head

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