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Minecraft Xbox: One – New Battle Mini-Game

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Welcome to a video on the battle mini-game on the Xbox: One edition of Minecraft. In this video I check out what the mini-game is about and have a couple games.

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  1. 6:05 that’s me @aigle19 couldn’t believe when you was in my game I was more excited than anyone could possibly imagine

  2. I remember playing these mini games🙂 they were the best, I also loved how they would include the last lobbies Easter eggs in the fountain when a new one came out☺️

  3. BrUh I'm gonna cryyy, I miss Stampy, I miss this version of the game, I miss this loading screen, I miss this layout, I miss it all.

  4. I remember when the knockback 2 shovel was the best item

  5. the minecraft music with your voice is so nostalgic because your videos were a huge part of my childhood and so was minecraft too much nostalgia im gonna cry.

  6. I used to always play minigames on xbox one and wii u edition when i was younger

  7. I bet if I joined in a battle lobby from this time with how good I am today, of probably be the top battle player in the world haha

  8. Panic sneak attacked kalm eating panic half heart

  9. I play minecraft mini games every day and i get 2 or 3 wins every day on battle becuse tumble and glide are kinda boring

  10. ah the old mini game lobby gives me so much nostalgia

  11. I remember 5 yeard ago when i got playstation 3 and Minecraft CD On it. 5 years! And i still play on it

  12. i remember seeing this video and getting on my ps3 all excited to play 🙁

  13. I'm going to buy a ps4 then put the old minecraft and play this again.

  14. I actually got the Stayin' Frosty achievement in this minigame.

  15. These mini games were much better than the server stuff on bedrock edition now.

  16. Omg I would watch u when i was 6 i will never forget i

  17. Man i remember this dude he was my entire childhood

  18. I wash I have not lost my Xbox and Wii U Minecraft games

  19. 10:53 thats me my original tag was that its still crazy to think i met stampy and he commented on my head banging in the video

  20. I’ll never forget this map this video gives me daja vu. I’ll never forget you stamps😭😭😭😭😭😭😭☹️☹️☹️☹️😩😩🥺

  21. Damn, mini games.. nobody plays thwm anymore, barely. Does anyone know how to get mini games on ps4? Please tell me

  22. Stamps I watched you when I was 4,5,6,7 then stoped now back at 11 and it’s not changed

  23. Reject hypixel and mineplex embrace minigames

  24. 7:42
    Once someone gave me a pumpkin (they did not know you can wear it)
    the i had to play tumble with the bad vision from the pumpkin

  25. Who still plays battle mode in 2021? Am I the only one?

  26. Who else misses his lovely world, minigames, and adventures with squid so much

  27. I remember me and my brother playing mini games back in 2016 absolute vibing it out😭

  28. Whoever still watches this vid in 2021 you are a god

  29. Who’s here in 2021 I miss him and the old loading map

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