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Minecraft Xbox – Protector Challenge – Battle Mini-game (2)

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Welcome to the Protector challenge. In this challenge I need to ensure a randomly selected player wins the game.

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  1. do the zero kill challenge you cant get any kills and win

  2. DO THE NO PLAYERS LEFT Challenge is you have to get every kill

  3. It is the same penguin as last time Loki Returns

  4. Stamp he play some more terraria and some slime rancher

  5. I stopped watching this video but now I watch them all day

  6. Stampy Im going to friend you on Xbox One. Should we play some minecraft today? My gamertag is Matsku09. What time would be good 4 u? Maybe in 10 hrs?

  7. You should do the villan challange where you pick all the stampys and kill them and the non stampys you have to save them keep up the great vids

  8. Do you think the penguin will watch this video???? 😂 LOL

  9. it was cool to see you ps I am your most loyal fan sincerely chris

  10. if you turn on the captions in the intro, when stampy says "Hello this is Stampy!" but the captions says "Hello this is zombie"

  11. Stampy do you know in the 4th round in the halloween match in the chat it says Loki Returns from the last episode. #LokiReturns

  12. You should do the protector challenge no.3 they are very funny!!! And do more Lovely World vids they are amazing!!!!

  13. Stampy I love your vids and I love you! I recommend that you do the 20 in a row challenge GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!


  15. Do the food challenge:so get some food then attack people with the food,you can trade in steak for potions and apples for swords

  16. what if the other player was doing the same thing

  17. 21:21 . Stampy: rhino your on your own………..im going penguien hunting.

  18. 21:34 . Stampy: WWWHHHHOOOOAAAA and people say penguens cant fly

  19. do the team up challang every round you team up

  20. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!it is the same penguin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XD

  21. Your amazing i would really appreciate it if you could send a reply 😊😊😊😀

  22. Stampy: Kill me! Kill me! WHY DIDNT ANYONE KILL ME!?


  23. You are the best YouTube ever and you are the best in the game

  24. Every time you protect someone, Minecraft sees you as their nemesis, a little too convincing there.

  25. ITS THE SAME PENGUIN! What a coincidence!

  26. Thanks for my childhood stamps thx BTW that video was sick # rhino LOL😀

  27. I be yoda because I love star wars and yoda is my favorite character

  28. “Let’s give this rhino the victory that this rhino deserves.” -Stampy 2018

  29. the rhino was a little too quick on betraying you lol😭

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