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Minecraft Xbox – Statue Challenge – Battle Mini-game

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Welcome to the statue challenge. In this challenge I need to try and win a round of the battle mini-game while not moving while I fight.

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  1. Stamps idont think you have over 1million pitions Lollll

  2. Can i join you on minecraft sometime if i add you??

  3. Play fortnite battle Royal on Xbox 1 in the Xbox store

  4. I loved it when he took out someone with 2 harming potions and he smacked his mic

  5. I saw nine people from your lovely world!

  6. I know who smugmarty9000 is I’m Skyping him right as I’m saying this!

  7. Stampy has a PS4 and I have a PS4! Am schooched!😶😶😶

  8. You have succeeded in making me laugh once again😂 Absolutely love your videos!

  9. You could do the swap challenge on the switch so you take out the joy cons and hold the blue joy con with your right hand and hold the red one with your left

  10. That guy whizkidhero he knew you were Doing the statue challenge and he was recording on YouTube his YouTube name is whizkidhero

  11. Can I 1v1 you? XboxOne GamerTag: MrBacca1222 YT

  12. The blue penguin(loki returns) will come back! Stampy you're the best!

  13. I feel so sorry for him the fact that he's in the game with a tryhard copycat of his called "WhizKidHero"

  14. No chest challenge, the only way you can get items is by finding them on the floor!

  15. Stampy I know I'm 2 years late but at 7:00 the guy you're fighting is this kid called WhizKidHero and is literally the biggest clone of you. He not only ripped off your idea of the love garden but he litteraly tries to be you in every way while saying that you are copying him

  16. When you realise that whizkidhero will somehow be the new stampy

  17. 13:46 this is soo cool judgie74 is my cousin I promise I’m not lying

  18. (1 challenge) Do a challenge called cove challenge only play on cove by using chainmail (2 challenge) ladder challenge only kill people on a ladder if any player what’s trying to kill you can’t kill a player without on a ladder??

  19. the penguin from the protector challenge was in the game. loki returns

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