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Minecraft Xbox – Try Harding – Battle Mini-Game

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Welcome to a video of me playing the battle mini-game on Xbox: 360. In this episode I am “try harding”. I am basically being mean Stampy and doing whatever I can to win!

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  1. You're the most amazing person in the world you make my days amazing keep up the good work

  2. DO MORE MINI GAAMES! And what is your Xbox name

  3. How to do the armor only challenge you can't use anything other than armor but you can still eat food

  4. Do a challenge where u can only use potions to kill people

  5. stampy you throw your iron boots with thorns

  6. You should do the aggressive challenge when you see somebody you have to fight them no turning back

  7. u threw your iron boots off with thorns


  8. Do you have videos of every Minecraft mini game?

  9. Man Stampy your a god at fighting

  10. i saw a button next to Stampy when he was getting the wings what about you!

  11. I had to laugh at 19:45 because right when he got knocked I to the lava the music changed to be really dramatic 😂

  12. One time I had got a chest with loads of instant damage potions. I had no melee weapon or a bow and arrows at all so when someone tried to come after me I just threw everything I had and won. 😁

  13. "Poison, harming, harming, harming, SHOVEL!!! That is what you do when you're tryharding!!", said stampy. I will personally quote him on that for as long as I live!!

  14. If you turn your volume all the way up do you hear voices too?

  15. he asa d it was the end of the video at 8 mins in

  16. who else was annoyed when stampy didn't take the enchanted bow? lol

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