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Minecraft Xbox – Tumble Mini-Game – My First Game

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Welcome to a video on the tumble mini-game on the Xbox: 360 version of Minecraft. I play both the shovel and snowball version of the game for the first time. Enjoy.

Sqaishey’s view –

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  1. Late comment, but if I was host and someone was kicking people for no reason, I'd kick the one who was kicking for no reason.

  2. Stampy u win 3 games to go back to the lobby. You are a great youtuber👍

  3. 10 Millon subscribers you will get a diamond play botton

    Almost their😊😊😊😊😊

  4. Press b on your controller stampa when u get in the tumble lobby to vote for shovels or snowballs

  5. Stampy you should invite kickstar81 in your lovely world and play spontaneous spleef

  6. Minecrafter - Gameplay, Stop Motions And More! says:

    7:52 u dont want to mess with the endermen

  7. Sleef + Tumble
    What's the right word for the game.

  8. And if you see someone leave the game in a round. You can exit so it means they got kicked out. And makes you leave the game. So annoying

  9. The memories 😭 I miss this, the old lobby, the mini games 😞

  10. Oof, imagine being kicked in a game that STAMPY is in

  11. If u want to vote then u could press back

  12. I did tumble before a lot and I mean a lot the one time I was playing tumble I mean a lot of time I play tumble then I just have endless rounds

  13. I watched 🐥first and then I watched you 🐱

  14. I haven't stumbled upon you since my then 5 year old loved watching you. He's 9 now. Oh how time flys

  15. I need to see all the SMP members play this.

  16. 1:37
    Stampy: Talks about spleef and the game

    Sqaishey in her video: Oh no did you see stampy just went straight after me!

  17. hey uh stampy can you play again pls ill want to play with you i wanna try see who can get me

  18. im wacthing in 2021 and there is 4 game modes:
    Shovels Snowballs Fireworks Levitive Potions

  19. God bless yall! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!!!!

  20. omg i miss this game so much. i remember this was my favourite childhood game, now i am 15 years old, and my xbox that had that minecraft broke, so i am just watching these videos to remember the good ol’ memories before all of this coronavirus stuff started

  21. Dude do you only play tumble but not glide or battle

  22. For some reason , I hate this minigame but play it anyway, i have had some REALLY annoying moments, such as
    – An entire family of 7 alts teaming against me
    – People who use the levitate potions
    – Some guy used fly hacks
    – More teamers
    – More teamers
    – More teamers
    – More teamers
    – More teamers
    – Targetters

  23. Is it not just me who still plays the old console editions

  24. Hi there are you available to join me on Minecraft

  25. I knew tumble waaaaaaaay before a knew sleep I litter all found out about sleep on 2021

  26. oh god, just looking at this makes me feel old.

    I miss this old era…

  27. me to i miss the old version of this game the old spleef game is better than the new spleef game

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