Mini Games - CSGO Operation Hydra -

Mini Games – CSGO Operation Hydra

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We back? Holy she we played CSGO for 3 hours yesterday :O
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  1. Another csgo vid? What orphan did I feed to deserve this?

  2. Onii-chan! You're katana is so big! (facepalms)


  4. In Zeus Knife game, (Stab, Stab, Zap), Zeuses recharge

  5. Nice to see you make vids with Goldy again! You guys are great together!

  6. OMG Jericho plays melee. Wait… I remember seeing a GameCube setup in his "Senior Day 2011!" video. They were playing on Corneria with Fox, Puff, Marth and Mewtwo. I'm so happy.

  7. I wanted to see him playing that new hostage map. It's literally the shittiest thing on planet earth

  8. who else thinks jericho looks like steve from "stranger things"

  9. I know that you won't see this but can you please make a get personal on high school reputation and just what other people think about you, please.

  10. Hey, justa quick reminder, you died in episode 3.

  11. Okay I kinda want those jug suits in comp since it's kinda balance without the rifle but then again the team can buy so I dunno me want so nice jug on the team

  12. can someone please explain to me what happened with tucker and csgo, like i understand he just wasnt having fun anymore but was it a slow decline or was it all of a sudden?


  14. jericho discovers the joys of scoutzknivez. shame the original map isnt in the mode 😀

  15. tucker you know onii chan means big brother right

  16. I found your channel I assume after you quit CSGO. But found it from your overwatch video which were hilarious. But would be cool to see some more vids of this or even comp.

  17. Lol sure thing this video is more funny than other CS GO videos. Good to see Jericho having fun

  18. like for that noscope through the wall on overpass

  19. You should try rainbow six siege it's basically a better version of cs and it will give your channel some meaning again

  20. Jesus fuck Tucker. Have you seriously not played Scouts & Knives before? It's like a custom CS gamemode staple. Also Zap Zap Stab is the best thing in CS right now.

  21. Why did he start moving away from csgo? just wondering

  22. do the guardian. fun af with a friend and some of them are actually hard

  23. god damn, its good to see you playing cs again

  24. Please do more csgo videos like this it was fuckin hilarious

  25. One of the few times I've seen Jericho legit enjoying counter strike for an whole video
    Feels good

  26. Oh shit mist. The first map I ever played.

  27. You should try to bhop on flying scoutsman, its fucking crazy!

  28. Surprising that you haven't played any community servers yet.

  29. does anyone else wanna see NBK play flying scoutsman

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