Mini Games - Epic NPC Man (Mini games like Gwent in Witcher and Hearthstone in warcraft) | VLDL -

Mini Games – Epic NPC Man (Mini games like Gwent in Witcher and Hearthstone in warcraft) | VLDL

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Did you know that Skycraft has it’s own version of Gwent? It’s even better than Hearthstone. Can you figure out the rules?

Special thanks to kronark for his special effects:


Thanks to Howick Historical Village for letting us film at their amazing location. We literally couldn’t have done it without them. If you live in Auckland check them out and see where we film:

Huge thanks to Brandon Fiechter for letting us use his Music. If you like it please check it out here and buy his album:

Camera: Tom West
Sound: Ben Vanderpoel
Costumes: Patrick Cummuskey and Peter Haynes
Background actor: Vanya
Special Effects: kronark –
Britts channel:


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Mini Games – Epic NPC Man (Mini games like Gwent in Witcher and Hearthstone in warcraft) | VLDL

Viva La Dirt League


  1. These sets must be a blast. Looks like everyone is having a great time.

  2. Raod Van Laon Tot Aoke - Peter Castermans says:

    She does not need a love potion.

  3. I wish I could live in a hut like that in New Zealand.

  4. Can you tell me, who is her real name on thumbnail please? Thanks.

  5. Rabid Bunny!
    Earth Swarm!
    Lava shards.
    Nick Nack Paddy Wack!
    (Not sure if I got the hang of this…)

  6. Large Dog That's it. Clifford is in play. It's over.

  7. I've alwase imagined the npc's that don't react to me driving a car into a lamppost in gta or shouting in skyrim or doing destructive wiard or things that npcs normally react negative to are the ones who become cousins and just accepted that if they don't grab the players attention there safe.

  8. I play Triple Triad in FFXIV. yes, the intense "oshit" music is playing, but that NPC has a card I don't have!

  9. Prawda choć boli,to prawda was wyzwoli. says:

    It's really funny how these two guys escaping on the beginning 😂😂😉.

  10. I love how Allan says so what are the rules of this game then literally 30 second later says "oh, that's a good move"

  11. Just recently started Witcher 3. I know, I'm late to the game. But seriously have spent more time playing Gwent than the actual game. Guess I should just download Gwent now that it's become a standalone game.

  12. I love your channel keep up the great stuff

  13. Wasn't there a card game in one of the original Elder Scrolls single player games? You basically got cards from doing various quests I believe.

  14. that girl in the thumbnail is the reason why i click this video . does that make me a man of culture ?

  15. When the mini game is actually the main game.

  16. Remember that time I cast "large dog" to break your wind defense? Good times..

  17. You see? Even professionals die out of laughter when recording some scenes so it's very normal. Being professional doesn't mean to be robot that only does his job and not laughs

  18. This reminds me of when Yugi challenged Perfect Cell to a DUDUDUDUDUDUEL!

  19. Hearthstone is not a mini game there are entire metas revolving around it!

  20. LMAO and ESO has a mini game now as well with Tales of Tribute. Seriously could spend all my time playing cards rather than adventuring all over Tamirel. lmao

  21. Britt's smile is like a golden plain mixed with a cool breeze, the sound of birds chirping coupled with an adorable koala holding onto it's young.

  22. How big is this dog? His name is Clifford and he's red!

  23. I love how long you all are able to keep a straight face.

  24. I remember when EverQuest finally added that little gems tetris clone. Before that I used to just read a lot of books while waiting on mana (or hp if I was crazy enough to solo my 50-ish warrior).

  25. Ha, I never play the card mini games, find them very boring and they break the immersion for the most part, sure if they were done in the right context in the right way and did not need a 2 hour long tutorial in order to just about understand the rules.

  26. As a magic the gathering player, I find this vid double cringe.

  27. love potion moaning is indeed most replayed
    i found out myself by replaying it several times XD

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