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Mini-Games for Glass

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We think that Glass could be an interesting new platform for gaming. A few of us recently hacked together five simple games that experiment with the unique features of Glass and demonstrate some of the possibilities for gaming. You can learn a bit more and get the games at: . We hope they provide some inspiration for getting started with game design on Glass.


  1. A lot of people have been talking about how strange people look in the short term. But as more apps are added over the next decade, imagine the possibilities? Instant stream blogging? Imagine what that would do in terms of bullying and crime prevention! Seriously, the moment someone says something mean or tries to mug you, it is instantly uploaded to the internet. On the other hand, the lack of privacy could be a bad thing in terms of freedom of expression. I think people would be much more hesitant to reveal their political opinions unless they were willing to have it uploaded to the internet. We have a strange world coming up in the future, with fascinating ethical dilemmas.

  2. I have a good idea for a game.  Use your glasses as a mobile spy cam for the police state!  AWESOME!!!!  Eliminating privacy as a basic human right is FUN FUN FUN.

  3. I'm surprised Ingress doesn't have some Glass integration.  It doesn't have to be graphic intensive, just showing you portal directions an you can hack via voice commands. They seem made for each other. 

  4. Only game I look forward to seeing on Glass is Ingress. 

  5. Every time I see someone with google glasses, i'm going to scream "google glasses: Image search horse fuck. Safe search off. Open first 50 results in new tabs…"
    …I will then run off into the night…

  6. Make a scouter app and we'll talk google. I need to know if people are over 9000

  7. ただゲームを表示してうるだけのように見える。HMDの特性が生かされていない。

  8. People gonna look autistic playing games in public. Saying bang to themselves, tilting heads and swinging hands…

  9. I'm sure the person using this will look entirely ridiculous.

  10. Whenever you see a dwarf it unlocks a secret mini-game.

  11. Guess which game will get you kicked out of an airport.

  12. This is so awful I can't believe Google released this with their name on it. If this is cutting-edge then I'm seriously underwhelmed.

    Did the developers' children come up with this? I've seen more impressive concepts come out of high schoolers. I know people in the gaming world who write games like Gears of War. Even game studios are ahead of Google on HUD tech. There is no way anyone who develops real video games was involved in this Glass gaming disaster, apparently only Glass developers who specialize in other things.

    In summary, this sucks. Unless you're a time traveler from 1979, then it must be pretty cool.

  13. Cool! now I can be the creepy dude the sits in the corner of a room shouting BANG BANG! As passerbys awkwardly stare at me.

  14. You already look dumb wearing them, now they want you to swing your arms and yell bang bang. Lol what a turd.

  15. What is this?
    "How to look like a total asshole" lessons??

  16. i can just imagine a black guy walking into a room of white people and say bang bang

  17. Nice try.  "Star Trek: the Next Generation" beat you to it though.

  18. Why get glass when I can look like an idiot for free.

  19. Good god, imagine sitting in the park looking around randomly saying things…. Everyone would think you're insane.

  20. Walking down the street, quiet neighborhood, walk pass a couple of people "BANG, BANG!"

  21. If i was playing thise games i would feel like an idiot and embarased,but cool i dea

  22. google glass should make a boxing app. As a way of exercising.

  23. so i see.. As time progresses gaming gets worse.. Anyone who wants to blow money get a gaming pc.

  24. I will look crazy in front of people

  25. Αλέξανδρος Παπαδόπουλος says:

    Well good job ,keep walking 🙂

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  27. walking down the street tilting your head and saying Bang! Bang! seems legit.

  28. The amount of views does not correspond to the amount of likes… It is obvious that this video was inflated by Google itself.

  29. I'm not so sure… this is cool and all but I think all Stick to the graphicly better more atmospheric 3DS for my mobile gaming unless you buy out Nintendo like every other company

    XD jk Nintendo is too stubborn to be bought out

  30. Internet connection in indonesia very bad bcos tifatul sembiring as minister of communication and information of indonesia are idiot son of a bitch

  31. Heavy Rain style. 

  32. these are pretty imagination-less guys…I hope your channel has some updates

  33. Amazing tecnologi from google glass give much information…oh yeah bang bang looking for secret unclok game smart glass modern…

  34. Everybody is looking at new technologies for old ideas. Stop.

    This glasses will be highly used in a future of shared hardware, in which this is a personal device that is the interface between you and the machines around you. In this way, the personality of the machine as individual is erased, therefor enhancing a new awareness upon the non-artificial elements around the user.
    We are currently baffled by the technological development, its natural.
    This glasses will be the predecessors of the brain wave technology used as interface in the future. 
    If you keep thinking about machines as something new, you won´t use them. When you create you have to apply, otherwise is just a gadget and not a tool. This is what “Inspector Gadget” was about, or in an even more Tube-Punk way to say it: 
    “Replicants are like any other machine. They're either a benefit or a hazard. If they're a benefit, it's not my problem.” R. Deckard

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