MINI WALLS! [DEATH MONTAGE] - New Minecraft Mini Game W/AshDubh -

MINI WALLS! [DEATH MONTAGE] – New Minecraft Mini Game W/AshDubh

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NEW MINI WALLS GAME! Hello Everybody! Welcome back to another Minecraft mini game video, today myself and AshDubh are checking out this new mini game called MINI WALLS!

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  1. mini wall is my fav hypixel game it is the best

  2. eyes open spelling of :iballisticsquid /eyes closed spelling of : iballisticshqyud

  3. iballisticsquid you should of bulid a roof on top of of wither so they couldnt shotarrows at them

  4. Squid have you got Xbox one instead of the 360 because the graphics are way better than the 360

  5. I know your playing on pc but I was just asking Lol your the best minecraft youtuber and dantdm is mine and ash for roblox Pokemon go

  6. why does ash say yella instead of yellow??

  7. Squid if your bad there is a YouTuber called prestonplays watch him he plays this and he's good at pvp

  8. Thx stupid you've totally changed my life thx

  9. I play this game a lot and I always say "just one more, just one more…"

  10. you should start using texture packs like faithful or other pvp packs

  11. Hi squid I'm a huge fan of you and I watch your videos all of the time

  12. When squid did his intro it said "Your are Yellow" across his face 😄

  13. Don't play it if your so bad/vote for me minecraft repter or Dan tdm because me and Dan ur going to be vs in minecraft in minion on Tuesday

  14. I kept having to pause the vid because my puppy was trying to bite my feet

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