Minigames in Games -

Minigames in Games

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games WITHIN gaming, if you will.


  1. we not even gonna talk about skylanders tho? forgot what it was called but the card game in it SLAPPED

  2. Truly, Sanic is a Chao simulator wrapped in an 8 hour music video.

  3. Gwent was made into a MTG-like because in the books (yes, it's in the books) it's a version of bridge popular mostly among dwarves. In Witcher 1 they had a die poker minigame, and I don't know what they had in W2, but it's a trend like imagine the whole world being in a fad for Pokemon TCG, just sitting in this low-fantasy RPG.

  4. I think what would be a hidden gem is great mini games in an MMO ones that you can play with your friends.

  5. Great to watch next to me my mom. Fucking God of war

  6. Thank you for the video i was having a really bad day thank you so much

  7. That outro is so god tier o could listen to it on loop

  8. duke nukem forever did a good job too

  9. Maybe I heard it wrong did you say that you didn't play witcher 3 lol

  10. You can't talk about minigames and not talk about good old Triple Triad

  11. Pokemon beauty contest was cute and fun and now it just use its name and sell

  12. Watch Dogs minigames were near full games

  13. Also SWkotor 1 and 2 with the pazaak games, easy and fun card game just to gamble

  14. Wait you mean God Of War has more gameplay besides the bed minigames?

  15. man i fucking love the outro man, makes my day

  16. There are many game in game in Bully: Canis CANEM Edit

  17. remember in witcher 3 your protagonist get addicted play card game

  18. When I was young we literally only ever played the Pokemon Stadium mini-games, I've never seen the "real" game.

  19. Nobody talking about the mortal kombat mario kart? No? Ok😢

  20. @FUNKe if you liked Gwent you should check out Thronebreaker if you havent already.

  21. I played from 3 to 5 naruto ultimate ninja for ps2, they had really good minigames. also hooked my mom on playing the slotmachines

  22. Man this dude rocks. Do you make like, actual music man cause you need to XD

  23. yall remember that one card game in skylanders?

  24. For the yakuza part of this video, i'mma just say, fuck catfight, it's annoying as shit, idk, maybe because I just suck at it

    Also, it's halarious how a game like yakuza 0 can make better music than most AAA games these days

  25. "Minigames in games" tldr: they are POG, unless they're mandatory, then they are UNpog

  26. The secret rings multiplayer was pretty much all I played on that game i won’t have it be slandered

  27. Honestly, in the god of war segment, it was just Funke without the n

  28. 7:25 yup. listening it at work was bad idea…………………NOT! Haha headphones ftw!

  29. I just wanted to say that stardew has some incredibly hard minigames for a game that is pretty chill otherwise

  30. Not gonna mention Poptropica? It’s hard to find out where the game ends and the mini game begins!!!

  31. The greatest minigame of all time is the cabaret management minigame from Yakuza 0 and 6. I wholeheartedly believe this

  32. I wanna play Mario 64 minigames again…. The Luigi card games were the best….


  34. 7:22 when i was a kid like 7 or 8 i have god of war idk
    and then i saw this minigame and i didnt know what they doing i just keep playing them and now i realise they doing something lmao

  35. “Nice try I listen to Weezer,”

    Me listening to “Say it ain’t so,”

  36. Not gonna lie, Gwent is more fun than the witchers base game!

  37. The Chao gardens in Sonic Adventure 2 specifically (I only ever played the Gamecube ports as Dreamcast was before my time) were a huge reason I racked up so many hours on that game. No idea how many specifically but I would say, between Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, probably 200+ hours easy, maybe more. That's not much compared to other people and other games, but it's quite a lot for me. And this is back when I was like 8-12

  38. well balanced mini-games to gameplay is like having a well rounded count of filler episodes to canon in an anime season

  39. The god of war one was hella fun

    I enjoyed it as a kid

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