MINIGAMES in Gorilla Tag Part II #wearevr -

MINIGAMES in Gorilla Tag Part II #wearevr

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I played minigames again, and they were better than last time! Hope you enjoy!



  1. You’re allowed to touch the ground on your way back by the way

  2. Ketchup is that guy when it comes to gorilla tag ❤

  3. I was purple with nerd glasses thx for having me!

  4. When you were at the part when he send k9 mack k9 means tooth that boy I stopped that k9 is an tooth

  5. Lemming did him dirty with that bald spot💀💀

  6. I was the black monkey thx for letting me be in your vid

  7. I Was K9 with the pink hat by the way

  8. Ima picture I’m his thing and I love ketchup

  9. how did you get so many people because when i do it i only get like 3 or 4 people

  10. Btw do you have meta quest pro controllers

  11. Can you do part 3 and include ding dong ditch

  12. Wanna know how to get pinned?


    What you need to do is…..


    I was joking lol

    I wasted your time😊

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