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Miyoo Mini Plus In-Depth Review

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The original Miyoo Mini’s stock has dried up, and so along comes the new Miyoo Mini Plus. Let’s take a look at this device and see if the upgrades and larger size are going to be worth your consideration. Spoiler: yes, they most certainly are.

Pre-order one here (affiliate link):
Miyoo Mini starter guide:

Note that initial pre-orders from Keep Retro (the first 1,000 units) have already sold, and their expected ship date for the next batch is early April.

00:00 introduction
02:02 buying options and colors
03:14 unboxing and impressions
05:24 d-pad and face buttons
07:44 size comparisons
11:14 stock firmware experience
14:00 OnionOS experience
15:48 summary (likes and dislikes)
18:50 conclusion

This was a review unit sent to me by KeepRetro.com All opinions are my own, they did not see this review ahead of time, and no money was exchanged in any way.

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  1. Can the miyoo handle retroarch gameboy shaders? Or is it not powerful enough

  2. they badly managed the stocks for the miyoo mini, i was fed up with waiting and finally bought a rg353v. so it's too late now to buy the miyoo mini plus, it has nothing more than the rg353v.

  3. I don’t comment much, but thank you for all your reviews. This is one where I quickly pulled the trigger for the price!

  4. The Onion version for the Mini+ still a beta. We will polish it before the official release and psx games will be totally OK at 60fps (including ff9 or bloody roar, see my youtube channel for a demo)

  5. It's probably been said, but I'm keeping a running tally of how many times this chap says 'and so…' and 'additionally'…. which I hardly hear anyone ever say. 🤣

  6. This or the rg353v? I'm so on the fence I can't choose.

  7. I mostly play turn based strategy…. How well does it play one handed?

  8. Does it come wirh preloaded games

  9. Hey guys do you really think it's worth getting one of these retro handheld consoles don't you think you can play as much as you want on your phone please let me know your opinion

  10. I preordered my miyoo mini plus and even though I already have a miyoo mini v2, I’ll use the mini v2 when I go traveling or on breaks at work. The Mini Plus will be my go-to handheld for at home play. The build quality is so high that I think the price point for both of them is justified. I think if a person knows how to solder, these devices can last a very very long time. They have replacement buttons and it’s highly moddable.

  11. Will it use the same processor and GPU as its predecessor? apparently we won't have GPU shader options in retroarch like we didn't have in the previous one, I expected an improvement at least at the level of the RG35xx

  12. You should do durability test like another youtube channel where he scratches everything, bends, and drops devices to reveal weak points and durability issues. I think it is in the realm of your budget to destroy 1 device for the sake of science.

  13. Hey Russ, quick question. What size gb miyoo plus do you suggest buying?

    Thanks for all your work. You’re now my most watched channel.

    Got a steam deck, modded 2 vitas and buying a miyoo cuz of you.

    Wish to get a GPD WIN 4 but may wait to see who else is or how GPD is gonna mimic the great vita next.

  14. D pad diagonal is an advantage in Mario style games

  15. The trimui smart is an excellent small device that already has retro achievements. It’s so underrated.

  16. is it same as Miyoo Mini 2? can't find '+' anywhere

  17. I like these for sure but just from someone who does not own a PC(WHAT ITS 2023 BRO CMON) I know…..just frustrating that you have to get a custom firmware to really get the best experience out of it.I would of thought they would seen how much better Onion OS is on the mini and improved the stock firmware.For someone like me who can't install Onion OS on it, unless you can do it off a phone? I'm just not sure if it's worth getting just using the stock firmware. Anyways Russ awesome as always thanks bro 👍

  18. 3.5 mins of size comparisons?! You're joking right? No wonder these videos are 20 mins long.

  19. i think im gonna like this more than my rg35xx. Atm some of the games doesnt seem to work with my garlic os

  20. i hoped that they completely fixed the false diagonals and the somewhat weak sound with this model… :
    i like the box that it comes with but providing a case with it would have been nice.
    too bad they ditched the volume wheel. it was so great to have in the mini v2.
    the regular mini is cramping my hand after a longer play session so maybe i'll get a + anyway.

  21. I don't think I there was the answer to this question in the video, maybe it's common knowledge, but can you connect a headset via Bluetooth?

  22. Ah this is almost an instant buy for me, except it seems to lack bluetooth audio? I haven't owned a pair of wired headphones in years

  23. Could this be the Miyoo Mini 2:Judgement Day?

  24. Never had any SBC devices before, but when you rattled it at 4:42, I almost had an anxiety attack lol

  25. With wifi and linux, this thing COULD also be a good little hacky device, especially since it's perfectly disguised too.

  26. I've wanted a Miyoo mni plus every since I've seen the Miyoo mini. Unfortunately I could never find one and now that I've lost my job dew to my diabetes my gaming has come to a stop mostly, Great review as always and I defiantly got to get my hands on one of these ASAP.

  27. going to get either the 35xx or the miyoo mini plus waiting on the review to come out

  28. hello! I would like to know in what format do you have the rondo of blood for pc engine? plr because I have one that has two formats and the emulator doesn't read it

  29. No HDMI out? Does it support HDMI over USB-C? I know HDMI is an edge case, but it'd be nice.

  30. the Ambernic advertises a dedicated GPU and a Cortex A9 the Miyoo only adverts an A7 and doesn't say anything about a GPU. That'll be a good thing to cover, including whether or not it even matters at the end of the day.

  31. Got me a purple one ordered will be a later release one unfortunately but looking forward to it.. Awesome to pair with my miyoo mini v2 (transparent blue) just hoping skraper will work with it as I haven't had luck with the pc app :/ also I paid 170 for my miyoo mini plus as it was the only way I could actually obtain it.. Paid 75 for my miyoo plus

  32. My issue with PS1 on the Miyoo Mini was always the fact that it has no Analog Sticks, or more importantly, just too few buttons in general.
    Ape Escape, even Megaman Legends, were super tough to play without L3, R3, and the sticks. But also the shoulder buttons not being stacked like a PS1 and the heavier reliance on shoulder buttons in general made it feel more awkward as well. The GBA only had 2 shoulder buttons so I could just use both for the same function or choose whichever was more comfortable, and I could have a secondary shoulder button for things like fast forward or other OS features. But the PS1 needs *all* the buttons and gives me carpal tunnel. lol
    EDIT: Actually for GBA, I could make L/R to X/Y and ignore the shoulder buttons alltogether. PS1 is basically the only system I played often that needed shoulder buttons at all. So while you could run PS1 games on it, it's really not a comfortable experience. lol.
    I'd love to see an emulation handheld that looks like the New 3DS bottom half. (Dual analog) that can play N64 and PS1.

  33. Anyone know if keep retro takes money straight away or on dispatch.

  34. I depend on Russ, more than any other reviewer, to tell if the device will fit in my cargo shorts.

  35. 7:49 is a perfect example of 9 out of 8 people are bad at math. It is 55% heavier, not 35%.

  36. wifi is going to be amazing for pico 8 !! just pre-ordered mine can't wait!

  37. Just bought one right now. Now time for the waiting game. Had the miyoo mini but it was too small for my huge hands. Hopefully this one suits better 🎉

  38. Awesome vid man great details thanks so much 🤘🏼

  39. Anbernic is a more capable device and is going for 80 bucks cheaper with a bigger and nicer screen.

  40. This looks really nice, does it support RTC? I would want to use it primarily to play the old Pokémon games but I know the old Miyoo Mini didnt support it. :/

  41. RG35XX D-Pad is absolutely atrocious, so bad that some games are almost unplayable for me. Get the Miyoo Mini Plus.

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