My Singing Monsters Playground - All Mini-games 4k -

My Singing Monsters Playground – All Mini-games 4k

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My Singing Monsters Playground is a multiplayer party game released on November 9th, 2021 on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4/5, and Steam for Windows.

MSM Playground is similar to Mario Party, in that players compete with each other in a variety of minigames.

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  1. When the first game finish it play the celestial or idk song

  2. This looks like a mario party gameplay

  3. Wow the esthereal music is so nice and also, in bank shot idk why the other monsters are putting the balls in your pit 😂

  4. Tbh congoe looks like he's had a bit of [RULE FOLLOWING COMMENT]

  5. 3:53 Which one made that sound OOOOOUHHHH!!
    So funny lol 😂

  6. I never realized that that one minigame was celestial island

  7. It's basically Mario party but a lot more fun!

  8. Why am i going to play this game? Ethereal island bgm, the game looks kind cool would fit in with a mario party marathon but the music bring remixs of tracks and i mean c'mon

  9. I have a theory, you know how there are Celestial Island based mini games? I think thats because since this game takes place in a Wubbox, and Galvana created the Wubbox, and Galvana is on Celestial Island, it makes sense to me.

  10. My anxiety on pompom for the first one:📈📈📈📈📈📈📈

  11. I Like Entbrat, Furcorn, Congle, And Pamgo!

  12. 16:46 kayna was about to start and dies in just like 1 second🤣 but i feel bad at the same time💀

  13. I can’t believe all this craziness happens inside a Wubbox!

  14. This game is amazing except for one thing that pisses me off. ITS A FRICKIN RIPOFF OF SUPER MARIO PARTY

  15. This game was 2021 I was 8 years old when it come… But now I’m gonna be 10

  16. kinda feels like mario party
    i wonder if anyone tried winning by doing absolutely nothing

  17. It's interesting that we get to see what congle fully looks like

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