Nani Snipe 1v1 Mini Game!!! 🤯 (satisfying) -

Nani Snipe 1v1 Mini Game!!! 🤯 (satisfying)

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Brawl Stars Nani Peep Snipes only Mini Game vs Rey | BenTimm1
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Today we use only Nani Peeps and try to snipe eachother on 5 different crazy maps in Brawl Stars!

0:00 – Intro
0:17 – Anker
1:34 – Heist Nani Snipe
3:22 – Bounty Nani Snipe
5:09 – Gem Grab Nani Snipe
6:09 – Showdown Nani Snipe
7:55 – Bounty Nani Snipe 2
8:57 – Showdown Nani Snipe 2

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  1. Why does not the totem live decrease like usual ?

  2. i saw this and its old like the loading screen had the old of coloner ruff's

  3. You’re Kidding you did that at season 5

  4. Fun fact: this was recorded before bo's gadget even loses health

  5. Him:Use Code BT1 or else… me:okay

  6. I realize something sus!Why the bo totem dint decrease are its because the new update?

  7. But ben, why did you upload it sooooooooo late, u recorded in s5 we are in s9

  8. I miss the old clash royale videos 😔😢😢😢😢

  9. Disclaimer! (They recorded this a while ago) or when season 5 was here (For brawl pass)

  10. This video was recorded back in Ruffs season!
    I saw loading screen
    Also bo turret doesn’t die over time

  11. Plaese can you give me 2000 gens or Edgar plaese

  12. I have three acounts and i suport bt1 on every acount i realy appreciate your hard work that you put in theese videos

  13. hi Ben can u friend me i support and sub and like i always wanted to be in your vid 🙂

  14. Εμμανουήλ Τσαντουλής says:

    Viers: whait that was recorded at season 4
    Brawl stars: whait that's illegal

  15. Before the golden time Bo Totem nerf 🤐😫

  16. Bos gadget isent reducing 😐🤔

  17. play CLASH ROYALE again!!! HUGE update. We would like to see a comeback soon

  18. Can you participate in team sea? It really helps the planet


  20. Woah ur code is realy lucky i have it in shop and i got only 703 trophies but i got meg :0 im really suprised 0-0

  21. Dad doesn't let me spend money only one offs

  22. How often do you make vids I check all the time for new vids but I just can’t find I have another YouTuber I wach his vids to but he films evru day

  23. This is old recording because the return to sender is active until it gets used

  24. Hey bt1 gen you do jemming plz do me plz I will sud

  25. I want brawler I have trophies but I don't have brawler I just had rare and super rare

  26. That is a starr force season 😭😭😭😭

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