NEW MINI GAME! Play Clash in Clash of Clans! Giveaways! -

NEW MINI GAME! Play Clash in Clash of Clans! Giveaways!

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NEW MINI GAME! Play Clash in Clash of Clans! Giveaways!

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  1. 40 years… What a journey!

    I still recall the day when they released Cradle of Darkness, it was really bad. But thankfully they came back with Clans, and we can now happily celebrate this amazing adventure and look past the Dark Age.

  2. Almost got you! I got 100100 points on my try after using super drool

  3. ما ایرانی ها نمی‌تونیم خرید کنیم

  4. Damn i cant even play it 😅 my phone is just too old

  5. doesn't have any reward? then fk thjs game😡

  6. Does anyone's phone also crash when whenever you try to play the mini game? ☹️

  7. No one, literally no one:

    Peter 17$: GALLLLEY DAWN!

  8. i love this idea they did, wish i knew about it more, and tried to play it on the little arcade, they should make a pc emulated version of it

  9. I never knew there was a real Clash game before and i was born two years before it was made(i was born in 1984)! Damn, you're lucky you have played that game before!

  10. please can they keep this arcade game in the game as a decoration that works? or online?

  11. in 2013 a co-leader in my clan died during a clan wars attack, dude got shot in a drive-by shortly after destroying the town hall

  12. That’s cool brings back a lot memories

  13. You can also kill a Goblin by jumping on it

  14. i really liked the guide ngl
    i wish i could be like u man

  15. Galadon, so jealous of those Garbage Pail Kids from COC. Dang, collected the real thing back in the day. I think also we could have been arcade buddies.

  16. I wish that they could make barb a temporary hero the would be so cool

  17. I have completed the mini game in clash already

  18. A bit disappointed we didn’t get a decoration for completing level 3. I’m a completionist, and I know how Supercell likes to celebrate special occasion, so I just figured something could be there-but no. Fun mini game still.

  19. 110k views in one day! You're doing great legend.

  20. These games are all horribly made. The controls are incredibly bad. Half the time it’ll take the game at least a second to recognize a punch or for a goblin to be hit

  21. Thank god i watched this video, saw good to play but nah i thought we get reward like 100 gems or something after completed but nothing happen lol

  22. I wish for the 10-year anniversary They'll go back to the original graphics and sounds and movements of the original movements of the heroes at least for a couple days and then so we can see how far everything came along

  23. Do the clash mini-games have controller support?

  24. this mini game angers me more than GD.

  25. To all those claiming this is fake, or real- believe what you want to believe- I don't expect to change your mind!
    I GREW UP in the 80's and played ALL the games- I KNOW first hand! Sorry most of you missed it, it was an AMAZING era!

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