New Super Mario Bros. DS - All Minigames -

New Super Mario Bros. DS – All Minigames

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A video complilation of every single mini game in New Super Mario Bros. DS. This includes action, puzzle, table & variety. Timestamps for each type of minigame are listed below:

0:00 Action Minigames
– Snowball Slalom
– Lakitu Launch
– Danger, Bob-Omb! Danger!
– Whack-a-Monty
– Balloon Racing

4:57 Puzzle Minigames
– Wanted!
– Which Wiggler?
– Hide and Boo Seek
– Puzzle Panel
– Coincentration

23:34 Table Minigames
– Memory Match
– Picture Poker
– Pair-a-Gone

41:18 Variety Minigames
– Mario’s Slides
– Sort or ‘Splode
– Bounce and Trounce
– Bob-Omb Squad
– Trampoline Time

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  1. My brohter love the Minigame wanted

  2. So much childhood memories 🥲 I remember playing these as a 8 year old 15 years ago.

  3. So it's the same minigames as Super Mario 64 DS?

  4. Still can't believe New Super Mario Bros DS only has 18 mini games while Mario 64 DS has 36. I figured they both had the same amount of mini games

  5. New Super Mario Bros with Super Mario 64 ds' games !?
    WOW 😮

  6. This is better than Cod, Fortnite, minecraft and grand left auto

  7. I remember loving these minigames. I loved Mario Slides where you had to draw lines using the styllus so mario can go to the star. I also loved the bowser one where he throws a flame and you have to move the little bob-omb away from the fireballs. I loved Wanted as well. I wish I stuck to playing these mini games more. Maybe they can make them in the future.

  8. Wasn’t there a game that was organizing bombs into two different categories?

  9. The way the wiggler looks at u when u get it right always makes me cry 😣

  10. 0:16 that’s the Mario 64 painting sound

  11. I admit the fact that my father would not teach me how to gamble when I was 5. So I used the table mini games as an excuse lol

  12. the fact that some of these are the same minigames in super mario 64 which is why they showed mario, luigi, wario, and yoshi

  13. the fact that they had some of the same mini games from super mario 64 ds which is why they had mario, luigi, wario, and yoshi

  14. When my stepdad had those game boys I was like dam because I had this ds now our kids have the switch and they are like dam 😔 oh how the years have passed

  15. I forgot my ds with this game at a pei wei a long time ago lmao:’)

  16. OMG the nostalgia. I play so much with my neighbour, I didn't even have the game haha.

  17. i barely remember the first day i got my 3DS in 2011 (thats over a decade agom shit time flys by) and i started playing the game that it came with, new super mario bros, the nostalgia hits me as hard as a AMRAAM would hit a enemy jet

  18. Dude this brings back so much memories.I remember me and my sister would always play this game and we would play against each other

  19. Nintendo put more effort into these mini games than into some of their modern day switch releases.

  20. Dont remember the egyptian game, i probably thought it looked confusing as a kid

  21. ნათია მაზანაშვილი says:

    Its looks like A Super Mario 64 Sounds

  22. This is unlocking memories I didn't even know I had

  23. so this is where I got my gambling addiction

  24. This is the only reason I still play my ds

  25. These are the same from super mario 64 ds

  26. ah yes, now this brings me back. I would play these late at night just for the heck of it, oh the magic that was the 2000

  27. The theme for snowball solum is a nice throwback to mario 64

  28. The same mini games from super Mario 64 DS but altered

  29. 23:22 I love how wario falls down its like wario straight up died from your stupidity

  30. I’m here to motivate myself because I knew I had this game but it was misplaced a couple years ago. Now I’m going to open that god forsaken closet full of boxes to find it.

  31. I was utterly disappointed that this wasn't in the second one for the 3DS.

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