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Oculus Rift and Leap Motion – Mini Games!

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So the other day a new bit of virtual reality technology arrived in my office and I was SO excited! No longer do I need to use Razer Hydra triggers, instead, I just use my hands to build robots, play Tetris and time waAAAaaaAAaaaAAarp 😀

Oculus Rift headset –

Leap Motion controller –

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BYEEE!!!!! ^_^ x


  1. omg martin likes epic rap battles oof history

  2. soon someone will make an application to calibrate oculus rift and leap motion to work  will games!

  3. Арсений Андрейченко says:

    Кто русский Лайк!

  4. how many much money to buy a games 😑😅🗽

  5. You tried to do the middle finger, don't lie

  6. Do the people at oculus know about this awesome combo? this should be a package deal.

  7. Martyn,Can I Please see you and Josef record a SPLATTON video with me? I LOVE YOU!

  8. one step closer to the nervegear we just need somthing to intercept our brainwaves so we dont move irl

  9. lol cant wait to connect this thing to my ar system haha

  10. Imagine a DBZ like this… no not the Kinect one.

  11. The last game has made me think that it's possible to make a VR version of a PS2 game called Rez

  12. It was kind of you to remove the head from the yellow dude, while you forced his girlfriend to kiss the green party animal!

  13. what game is the one where you put blocks on the robots

  14. Yo Martyn do ya know if it works with the Oculus DK1?

  15. Leap motion + VR headset + Tesla suit(lets you touch and feel objects in a game)=SAO

  16. what about vr games that use camera tracking for you to move forward?

  17. "I knocked his head off"

    That's what she said

  18. Omg I remember when u just used to do Minecraft videos!!!!

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