ONE IN THE QUIVER | Minecraft Mini Game | With Luciee and Adam -

ONE IN THE QUIVER | Minecraft Mini Game | With Luciee and Adam

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Check out this minecraft customer server mini-game gamemode which was inspired by One in the Chamber from Call of Duty 🙂 You get 1 arrow in your quiver and you have to kills someone to get another arrow. If you miss… you’re in trouble!

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  1. Did anyone see someone say LDSHADOWLADY SUX

  2. Liz: Lucy you have a cow on your head
    Lucy: wait wahh
    Lucy:oh AHHHHHHHHH

  3. did anybody elae see aomebody say LDshadowlady SUX in the chat….When i saw that i was like bruh say that when u learn how to spell!😂

  4. Lizzie:Lucy
    Lizzie:You've got a cow on your head
    Lucy:looks up aaaaahhhhhhhh
    Me:laughs I'm dieing dies 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. This vid is so old i was so
    Little that time

  6. Why do people rewrite what happened in the video it’s a waste of time 😂

  7. I know why Joel named his self smallishbean it’s because he is small ish and a little bean. (::

  8. Lizzie: Lucy…
    Lizzie:You got a cow on your head
    Lucy:What? looks up
    Lizzie: laughing

  9. Type Quiver with you eyes closed no caps my attempt:
    quibet lol see if you can do better

  10. I love the littel voice she makes it is so cute o~o☺️😇😊

  11. Lizzie what does "LD" mean in your name?

    PS: Ilysm!!

  12. Lizzie I loved this video so much that I've seen it over about 20 times!😀

  13. Round 1 Fight
    Aka it's less cute than Lizzie's Voice <3

  14. “Lucy, you gotta cow on your head”-LDShadowlady

  15. Luccie theres a cow on your head
    What AHHHHHH

  16. Lizzie: Lucy

    Lucy: Yes?

    Lizzie: You’ve got a cow on your head.

    Lucy: what? AHHHHHH!

  17. I loved the end, I felt like Lizzie was Katniss😂

  18. Somebody said Lizzie sux! Like bruh, 1 it's sucks, 2 ROOODE, 3 CAN WE KILL THEM NOW?!?!?!?!

  19. can you please make a big sister and little sister LoL doll

  20. Lizzy: Lucy. .
    Lucy: Yeh?
    Lizzy: you got a cow on your head..
    Lucy: confused and looks up and screams aaahaaha punches the cow off
    Me: XD

  21. I have.watched this much but…..lucy cused 3 times lol

  22. Adam sounds so tired and Lucie voice is just adorable

  23. Lizzie:You got a cow on your head
    Me Omg legend

  24. I'll help… help him.
    destroys friendship

  25. Lizzie : Bloody hell
    My mind : Ron Weasley

  26. Every time someone dies meat splatters everywhere

  27. That bla bla bla news guy needs to go to hell cuz i need to know what that LDSHADOWLADY SUX COMMENT MENT NO ONE CALLS LIZZIE LIKE THAT OK NO ONE!!!!!!!!! Thank u for reading

  28. Anyone else looking back on the good times cause they just can’t handle 2020

  29. Guys, if you're ever in a server with Lizzie please don't spam the chat asking her to reply. Imagine how annoying that must be.

  30. Hello this is ldshdowlady wait was that stampy?

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