OneGx1 Pro Mini Gaming Laptop - 16GB Of Ram, Tiger Lake i7, Iris Xe Handheld Powerhouse! -

OneGx1 Pro Mini Gaming Laptop – 16GB Of Ram, Tiger Lake i7, Iris Xe Handheld Powerhouse!

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In this video, we take a look at the all-new OneGx1 Pro mini handheld gaming Laptop. The One GX 1 is powered by an 11th gen Intel i7 1160G7 with CPU speeds up to 4.4GHz and backed by 16GB of LPDD4X Ram and paired with Intel IRIS R Xe graphics. So can this mini handheld laptop run games like Cyberpunk 2077, GTA5, Overwatch? how does this stack up against something like the AMD Ryzen 4500U? let’s find out
In this video, we run some benchmarks and test out some PC games like Skyrim, Flight Simulator, Cyberpunk 2077, and many more

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00:10- unboxing
06:38-Forza Horizon 4
07:08-Doom Eternal
07:39-Skyrim SE
08:37-Flight Simulator
09:31-Cyberpunk 2077
10:15- eGPU RTX 2070 Test
12:13-Final thoughts
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  1. For People saying this is expensive: Yes it is, but it's not just a "niche" premium. Look at the price for intel CPU and what you have to pay for a 5G card. 430$ for this specific CPU and around 400-600$ for a 5G M.2 module! We are at 900-1000$ and don't even have the rest of the system. Touchscreen, custom RGB keyboard, custom controllers, 2230 M.2 SSD… yeah. The cheapest you can get such a device is by beeing an early buyer/backer. The GPD win 3 costs 999$ and doesn't have 5G, which lines up with the price for the GX 1 Pro that has 5G. If you where an early backer, you'd have to pay "only" 799$ for the Win 3, but that's over crowdfunding.

    Maybe in the future, with more devices coming (tencent, lenovo, alienware, qualcom, aya neo, gpd, one netbooks, ect), the prices might go down, but i think 799$ is the cheapest we'll see those systems go mainstream if we want more than just a PC switch (aya neo) and have a keyboard, 5G and good cooling.

  2. Cool I Buy your bro onegx1 for just 700$ Thanks… I buy Pro model the next year when this price dropped

  3. i think your hands are going to ache holding the machine for over an hour.. its too heavy to hold for handheld gaming for too long. its likely players will just use a lighter Xbox game controller via wired or Bluetooth. tend again if you dun use it as a handheld, you could just buy a 15" gaming laptop with a gaming controller.

  4. Sadly the OneNetbook company does not care AT ALL about customers. You can email them a million times and they ignore you. After they have your money they do not respond to you. Plus when they sell you a computer, it come fresh packed with malware out of the box. When wiping the drive and installing an OS (Windows for example), the drivers they supply do not work.

    If you have any of their computers. Immediately scan for malware. Also, the worm in particular is located in the ProgramDataSynaptics folder. If you have this folder in you OS. You have malware in your machine as there are no parts from Synaptics in you machine in the GX1 Pro. Nice of them to take your money. Infect your machine. Ignore your emails, fax and telephone(calling china at YOUR expense). Plus do not provide functional drivers on the only page google finds.

    Incidentally, if you do manage to wipe clean the entire SSD. You have to find their chinese site and translate the pages to get to a drivers page….which also does not have out of the box functional drivers. You have to download the large .rar package and unpack those and open your machines Device Manager. Now the fun begins. Click on literally every item in the Manager and click Update Driver. Then direct it to look inside where you unzipped the broken drivers. Each and every time you have a item that works. You have to redo the entire list from the top down to make certain the drivers that follow may or may not depend on other drivers.

    Good hardware. SH!TTY COMPANY.

    I just hate a company that steals almost $2k from a customer to give NO care whatsoever to helping them even when you tell them their product is compromised at the factory level. Nor gives proper functional drivers for their computers.

  5. Looking at this back again after first seeing this 2 months ago, since there is still no stock for a 5900x or 6800xt, and I'm thinking of putting that money AMD won't take off my hands into having this as my daily driver, since my 3.5yo laptop seriously on its way out is only 1/2 the power for 2x the size, and I doubt I'd last another year and a half when next gen parts are available.

    In the 2 in 1 market, £1099 actually slots on the cheaper side of devices with this chip, and I can't overlook a pocketable device with 2 TB4 ports on it.

  6. I am really interested to see how Cyberpunk 2077 performs with that external eGpu. Have you tried it as well?

  7. Can it used just like normal laptop? like using MS word, exel, etc

  8. I actually do like this device more than GPD Win 3. It does look like a normal laptop but with an addition of a Switch-like joypad. With Thunderbolt 4 support, this is definitely on my wishlist. It seems like I have a little challenger to my Dell Latitude 7320 Detachable wishlist.

  9. I think the biggest improvement for this form factor would be if one of the detached controllers doubled as an optical mouse, otherwise its a neat little all-in-one design.

  10. Where can i buy this pc mini .. i see in AliExpress but i don’t know it’s good to buy and it’s original or no

  11. The mouse don't work in my one gx pro, do you when is the problems?

  12. Its practically buying a MacBook but being to broke to buy games for it.

  13. Amazom is sell oneGx1 Pro This gameing for 1700 dollars and between 1600 if you look at it no youtube day will show you the price how much it cost day is booster the price up to make more money and it;s not worth the price day selling it for

  14. ONE-GX i'v got one like this from AliExpress
    sir ! can you tell me how do i make Update by USB

  15. I hope a more beefed up version of this comes out in the future addressing all the issues and concerns. I prefer this physical design to the Aya Neo, GPD Win3 and even OneXPlayer. Feels better for hybrid reasons.

  16. ҉K҉N҉I҉G҉H҉T҉F҉I҉R҉E҉6҉6҉ says:

    well with nvidea geforce now or stadia etc. we nearly dont need those anymore. of course for offline gaming those are really cool. but if you have internet you can use your phone with a controller…

  17. this oneGx1 pro is ok but the joystick not good but can,t need to make better joystick

  18. Advertised by YouTube for only 3999 Philippine Peso. Scam

  19. Just bought one to play new world. It's coming nov 1st

  20. Another thing that I want but impossible to have HAHA

  21. I am planning to buy guys can u give me your feed back

  22. I think they should have made the keyboard removable and attached thr controllers straight to the screen.

  23. How many games are working fine with 940×560 resolution.. there is not enough power for 1080p, but 960×540 should be pixel perfect.

  24. Otherwise how to calculate battery life – 12000mAh to Wr? Because online batery life calculators are for Wh.. Its this calculation right – 12000 * 5(for Voltage of battery or charge adapter) / 1000 = 60Wh? And later battery life could be calculated through 60Wh/ (10W) Power usage TDP = 6 hours ? with TDP 20W 60/20 = 3 hours etc.. Its this calculation right?

  25. How is typing with it when controllers are off

  26. Do not buy this laptop it will fail🕹 customer service is non existent. Do not buy nothing like this from Chinese. Ever

  27. They will catch fire. You know that charger cannot be trusted, just look at it. One gx are aware of the design flaw but sell the unit anyway

  28. Don’t buy the Joysticks or the 4G model. Not worth it.

  29. I got this free on Alibaba by mistake. The seller was forced to reimburse and I kept the laptop, but even for free it’s not worth having

  30. Does 4g version of this have wifi also? Or can you only have one or the other?

  31. Soo i can conekt thid laptop to my pc as well?🤔

  32. is there a program free that can help me over clock this to the 4 ghs?

  33. Ugh. This is my favorite design. I wish they would refresh this with the same form factor.

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