Plants vs. Zombies - All Mini-Games Speedrun in 1:38:11 -

Plants vs. Zombies – All Mini-Games Speedrun in 1:38:11

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There’s tons of insane luck that makes this run nearly unbeatable.
Did Seeing Stars and Zombiaquarium in the wrong turn, but it doesn’t matter.


  1. game of my childhood! I love this game and the speedrun is very unusual

  2. nice speedrun but

    how do you lose in zombiquarium?

  3. I'm STILL playing pvz hd yo I like it and its raining seeds is my favourite mini game, I love how despite all the randomness and random possibilities i still can manage to kick the asses of all zombies XD good games😊😇

  4. My anxiety level goes through the roof every time he sacrifices a lawnmower without planting any sort of defence

  5. Jesus died and rose for you, believe onto Him for salvation know you stand comdemed and be saved. <3

  6. I don't know why I've been getting PvZ speedrun recommendations, but I'm glad I am because honestly, seeing these is quite cathartic…

  7. Qué wea… ¿En serio ví el vídeo completo? Ah, es que andaba re entretenida y ni me di cuenta. De todas formas lo ví todo en X2.

  8. He put the Zombiquarium and Seeing Stars sections swapped

  9. PvZ is long dead. Although I think PvZ 2 is gonna get revived

  10. i remember this one minogame in mobile where youvhave cob cannons and butterfingers an dyou tao the zombies to stun them and use cob cannon to kill

  11. Slot Machine – get a lucky spin but you require 99.9% chance to get 3 diamonds
    It's raining seeds – is raining tacos
    Invisi-ghoul – zombies killed themselves to become ghosts and invisible forever
    Dr Zomboss Revenge – i mean he never died if you keep choosing this minigame
    Beghouled – you can't plant anything but upgrade your plants and do some puzzles
    Beghouled Twist – you can't plant anything again but upgrade your plants and making your plant movement now move for atleast 4 plants
    Wall-nut Bowling – you spin me baby right round
    Wall-nut Bowling 2 – *Too bad there is another wall-nut waiting for them*.
    Bobsled Bonanza – zomboni and bobsled madness
    Pogo Party – magnet-shroom: *time to ruin your life once and for all*.
    Zombie Nimble Zombie Quick – flash but its a'lot of clones of him
    Zombotany – zombies probably stole a peashooter's head and then put it in their head so they can shoot now / wall-nut zombie exists too so don't expect peashooter zombie to be the only one
    Zombotany 2 – everyone wants zombotany 3 now
    Portal Combat – madness combat but portals exist
    Column Like You See em' – POV: your using hacks to make a column of plants
    Big Trouble Little Zombie – no wonder how footballs are annoying
    Last Stand – afford everything but your cash is limited so not that ''afford everything'' is true
    Zombiquarium – wait, aren't zombies supposed to be on the evil side?
    Seeing Stars – starfruit is OP
    Whack a zombie – bonk the zombies and remove graves to hell

  12. when he typed tho portal combat he miseed typed and its protal combat 😂😂😂

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