Plants vs Zombies: Mini-Games Mode Completed -

Plants vs Zombies: Mini-Games Mode Completed

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★Plants vs Zombies: Mini-Games Mode Completed★
☆ 0:00 – Intro
☆ 0:12 – ZomBotany
☆ 7:08 – Wall-nut Bowling
☆ 15:09 – Slot Machine
☆ 24:22 – It’s Raining Seeds
☆ 35:34 – Beghouled
☆ 39:26 – Invisi-ghoul
☆ 47:56 – Seeing Stars
☆ 54:06 – Zombiquarium
☆ 56:58 – Beghouled Twist
☆ 1:05:12 – Big Trouble Little Zombie
☆ 1:10:32 – Portal Combat
☆ 1:15:40 – Column Like You See ‘Em
☆ 1:20:25 – Bobsled Bonanza
☆ 1:31:57 – Zombie Nimble Zombie Quick
☆ 1:37:13 – Whack a Zombie
☆ 1:41:16 – Last Stand
☆ 1:51:49 – ZomBotany 2
☆ 2:00:38 – Wall-nut Bowling 2
☆ 2:12:04 – Pogo Party
☆ 2:21:00 – Dr.Zomboss’s Revenge
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  1. Me: playing It's raining seeds
    Lily pads: Our time has come.
    Other plants: Am I a joke to you?

    BTW It’s raining seeds is my favorite mini game

  2. Its raining seeds is the older heavy weapon

  3. I'm a fan of plants vs zombies but I like plants vs zombies 2 more

  4. i like how loonboon is playing in the background

  5. Complete column Like you see em without jalapeño

  6. Its raining seeds was my fav mini game on pvz

  7. Eres el mandito fakin king loco, gracias bro.

  8. I love playing zoboss is rafenge it gives YOU three gems

  9. Am I the only one who sees that the zombie wall-nut, tall-nut, and jalapeno has no red tie? (It has the tie on Android version)

  10. ive got 337,060 money i got all upgrades and all plants and i got silver thorphy and all of those addventure things

  11. Do anyone put their sunflowers in the left or right and just put a garlic at the end?

  12. Dude, I didn't even knew there's this much stuff in this the wisdom of tree and bunch of mini games, and some plants. I guess i should play this game again.


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  15. I beat all 20 mini games but I didn't get the achievement. Any solution?

  16. A lot of pogo zombies at the last minigame

  17. 0:12 ZomBotany (ZOMBIES INCLUDED: Peashooter Zombie, Wall-nut Zombie)
    Peashooter Zombie: 40
    Wall-nut Zombie: 13?
    Zombie Count: 53
    7:08 Wall-nut Bowling (ZOMBIES INCLUDED: Zombie, Conhead Zombie, Buckethead Zombie, Pole Vaulting Zombie, Newspaper Zombie)
    15:09 Slot Machine (ZOMBIES INCLUDED: Zombie, Buckethead Zombie, Conehead Zombie)

  18. Raining seed similiar to song called "it raining taco" which song used by roblox

  19. For some reason on mobile most of the mini games aren't there

  20. May I ask how can I own all 28 minigames?

    I have only 16 minigames 🙁 😔

    Nice video

  22. Yeah you the end raining seed sud And like you ok

  23. everytime i play column like you see 'em i always put tallnuts in the 3rd row and sacrificed the first two row of pots to give more 'space' so the jack in the box zombies won't explode near my tallnuts 😆

  24. I am going to strangle the mini games I'm struggling to beat istg i will eat your zombmoms is you throw another winter themed zombie at me i will kill your whole family >:(

  25. If you feel useless, always remember he put symetrical way the plants at dr.zomboss

  26. Dude, literally time passes wjen you watch this video

  27. Wall Nut Bowling 2 Is Hardest And Column Like You See em Too

  28. Your strategies when zombotany endless Exists?

  29. I was still 4 or 5 i beat all minigames. PvZ was the greatest childhood game of mine

  30. Eu não gosto do jogo nem do Michael Jackson

  31. Fun fact: peas cant hit puff shrooms in zombotany

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