Play Cute Minigames With Fruit Friends! & Experience Vaporwave Slenderman in Two Horror Games -

Play Cute Minigames With Fruit Friends! & Experience Vaporwave Slenderman in Two Horror Games

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Video has two horror games, Andy’s Apple Farm & Slenderwave and the Eight Vibez. One you play an Apple having fun with a cast of characters and the other is Vaporwave Slenderman.

Game Info:

“What a slender wave.”

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  1. 1st game reminds me of walten file’s bunny farm

  2. Oh God! I’m getting a “Don’t hug me I’m scared” vibe from the first game. Lol. It’s going to end disgustingly bad isn’t it? Lol. Great game. Love you Manly.

  3. Everytime I see the name Bella anywhere, I get reminded of Benares from Honkai Impact.

  4. Oi Manly, lemme just thank you. You're a rad youtuber, uploading endless amounts of quality content, and you don't screw your viewers over with double feature videos like these. You could be a prick and have the game in the thumbnail at the end in an attempt to clickbait extra watch time from us. But instead you put it up front and center, and let us choose if we wanna stick around for the next game.

    Thanks man.

  5. the difference between Andys upbeat voice and Manlys voice scared me for about 6 seconds LMFAO 0:36

  6. Andy farm more like FNF get it beep boop beep laughing out loud😂

  7. 4:25 Manly, your not playing ddr this is Friday night funkin' vs Andy's apple farm 👁️👁️✨

  8. Someone translate that backwards talk in the beginning.

  9. Caramba, I hate when there's a lot of hair on the floor

  10. 3:52 Friday Night Funkin before becoming a mainstream

  11. Andy's Apple Farm is actually so cool, I like how it seems adorable but then gets scary. It looks pretty good and the voice acting fits the characters. And the music is fun! I hope i’ll get to play it sometime.

  12. andy's apple farm was ok but i think sometimes it tried a little too hard, like the fishing minigame end was already scary enough without the "Ohhhh real eyes on the cartoon!" which honestly broke the unsettling factor more into the cheesy and borderline disappointing factor. Other than that, i think it looks ok. the voice acting felt a little off but to be fair, a lot of voice acting from the time its trying to emulate did as well. i think it could do for some volume and compression, a lot of older voice recordings in video games were SUPER compressed and would sound tin-y and scratchy, sometimes skippy and underlyingly screechy. i felt like they were a little quiet and out of place. just think back to the sound clips in video games from your childhood, for me i think Metal Gear Solid, Purble Palace, or really anything from the V Smile. def on the right track for still just being a demo!

  13. Manly playing Andy's Apple Farm and Eight Vibez:
    The game description: Five Nights at Freddy's

    Seems legit.

  14. Manly: "Now give me my keys"
    Girl: Plays Running Hell and Meglovania at the same time

  15. In the vibes there’s some grape or cherry soda.

  16. The game DEFINETELY needs more and better voice actors

  17. This game darn there has its own fnf week 😳

  18. Anyone else reminded a bit of End Roll with the first game?

    Just me?

  19. The first game when they say they took Andy’s house key reminded me of Jack Stauber, it’s probably just because it’s has that old vhs vibe

  20. When clock asks Apple if he wants an apple, and it cuts to Apple as if he was supposed to say something, but hes just silent, his unchanging happy sprite adding to the mood. And when Fish says the prize is Apples house keys, with his tone sounding like he doesn't see the wrong in doing that, and the sprites still remaining the same. And Appless silence until he asks, "You took the key to my house?". And all the glitches there after. I feel like its Elmo or something intended to be cute and kid friendly, but the script isn't like it should be and the character is confused while everyone keeps their normal attitude while saying weird things. Its like the world was breaking. It reminds me of Dont Hug Me im Scared.

  21. As a side note, there's been an update: Andy's Apple Farm now has a third minigame.

  22. Is it just me or does he sound a little like Markiplier?

  23. im gettin the walten files vibes from this + fnaf tbh

  24. Honestly, when the apple farm game started off with "Eastwood" I thought there was gonna be cowboys, revolvers and winnies

  25. Got a walten files vibe from the first game

  26. You-you took my keys?

    Wait until the dude snaps

  27. I didn't realize Andy was an apple somehow, so when he was silent about being asked if he wanted an apple, it made sense smfh.

  28. 𝚊 𝚏𝚞𝚔𝚒𝚗 𝚒𝚍𝚒𝚘𝚝 says:


  29. i swear andy the apple sounds like purin from ~doki doki~ Purin Love.

  30. Both of these were good! The first game gives me Walten Files vibes in the best way.
    I love how it's just "we took your keys, you a p p l e fuck"

  31. Why the fuck did a pink blob human scare me

  32. Welcome to the Feeling Vaporwave Club, how Feeling Vaporwave are ya?

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