Play Cute Minigames With Fruit Friends! & Experience Vaporwave Slenderman in Two Horror Games -

Play Cute Minigames With Fruit Friends! & Experience Vaporwave Slenderman in Two Horror Games

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Video has two horror games, Andy’s Apple Farm & Slenderwave and the Eight Vibez. One you play an Apple having fun with a cast of characters and the other is Vaporwave Slenderman.

Game Info:

“What a slender wave.”

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  1. Possible Explanation: Andy's Apple Farm is apparently a horror game that explains about a farmer, whose secretly a serial killer that lives faraway from any populate areas, one day, he discovers that he had neighbors, which, they upon from this, he eventually one day broke into their house and murdered the mother, and child, which he ends up throwing their dead bodies deep into the river.

    This is explained when we saw him walking throughout the forest into the mansion, this lets us see he is about to break into the mansion and kill the mother and the daughter.

    The second game explains to us where he dumped those bodies.

  2. Manly: talks about the style
    Game: "It's DDR time ya manly fluffer"

  3. The prize is the key to your house!
    Andy: has an actual wtf moment
    Me: also has an actual wtf moment

    Also som1 make moona a fnf mod

  4. Lol you talking about the clock not being organic while there's literally a character that is the moon

  5. Andy's Apple Farm reminds me of BunnyFarm in The Walten Files

  6. "Andy's Apple Farm" reminds me of "Happy's Humble Burger Barn"

  7. He got his vibe checked by vaporwave slenderman. He failed because he was not vibing enough.

  8. This game just gives me walten files vibes

  9. Anyone else think that andy's apple farm is kinda like bon farms from the Walten files? Makes me happy. But slight horrified bc of what happened in them 😭

  10. When he said hey anty or whatever his name the guy he said hey want an apple he says.. Because he is an apple

  11. The second game was actually really pretty.

  12. Damn man, you need to get some apples in your soul. The lack of fruit variety you've got sounds troubling.

  13. Cadê o final do jogo das frutas , quero saber o que acontece.

  14. first game reminds me of The Walten Files, I want to play more games like that, though they may get oversaturated very quickly
    2:44 feels bad for Andy being bullied, proceeds to bully the clock and say he doesn't fit in

  15. Walten Files been real quiet since this dropped

  16. Manly : wins music minigame *

    girl: and, i took that personally


  17. That first game gives me heavy Walten Files vibes

  18. No one talking abt the little friday night funkin-esque challenge?

  19. “Why are we playing DDR” did he miss the Friday night funkin trend?

  20. I shouldn't have screamed when slender vibe man popped up because I tossed my phone upward in my bed out of pure fear

  21. the first game looks like its really inspired by The Walten Files…

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